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Q: Are all diameters chords of a circle?
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Why can't all chords diameters?

The only chords that are diameters are the chords that go through the center of the circle. All of the other chords are shorter.

Why are all chords diameters?

This question does not make sense. All chords are not, in fact, diameters. Actually, only chords that pass through the center of a circle are diameters.

Are All diameters chords in a circle?

A diameter is a cord in a circle containing the center of the circle. But some circles are sections of spheres. Not all diameters are diameters of spheres.

Are all chords diameters?

No, all chords are not diameters, though all diameters are chords.

Do All diameters are chords?

The diameter of a circle is its largest chord

Can all diameters are chords?

Yes, a diameter can be regarded as a special case of a chord. NB: NOT ALL CHORDS ARE DIAMETERS!

What is the difference between diameter and a chord?

A chord is any line segment going from one side of the circle to another. A diameter is a special chord - it is a chord that goes through the center of the circle. It is also the biggest chord possible in the circle. So all diameters are chords, but not all chords are diameters

How many chords can be a diameter?

There are an infinite number of diameters to any circle...

Are diameters always congruent to chords?

No because the diameter of a circle is its largest chord.

When chords intersect in a circle are the vertical angles formed intercept congruent arcs?

Not unless the chords are both diameters.

All diameters are chords?

True, true. Very true.

How many diameters can be drawn for any circle?

There are infinite diameters in a circle all of the same lengths.

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