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Q: Are all similar triangles also congruent?
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Is sss a way to find if triangles are similar?

Triangles are congruent if all three sides in one triangle are congruent to the corresponding sides in the other.When two triangles have corresponding sides with identical ratios, the triangles are similar.Of course if triangles are congruent, they are also similar.

Are all equiangular triangles congruent?

All equiangular triangles are similar, but not congruent. They all have three 60 degree angles. This does not mean that they all have the same side lengths though. Therefore, they are only similar, not congruent.

Why are congruent triangles similar?

Congruent triangles are the same because all three sides measure the same length.

If all corresponding sides and angles of two triangles are congruent those triangles are?

The triangles are also congruent.

Which is not a property of all similar triangles?

the corresponding sides are congruent

Are all equilateral triangles are congruent?

no. if one triangles sides are all 2 and one triangles sides are all 3 then they are not congruent

Are all similar triangles congruent triangles?

No. For example the triangles with sides {3, 4, 5} and {6, 8, 10} are similar but not congruent.

Are all congruent polygons similar?

No. You can have two triangles that are congruent to one another, and two quadrilaterals that are congruent to one another. But the triangle cannot be similar to the quadrilateral!

Are two scalene triangles with congruent angles similar?

When all of their corresponding angles are congruent (in any triangle, in fact) then the triangles are similar. Similarity postulate AAA. (angle-angle-angle)

Are all isosceles triangles with two 50 degree angles congruent?

No. But they are all similar.

What are the two properties of congruent triangles?

All the corresponding sides in congruent triangles are equal All the corresponding angles in congruent triangles are equal

Why can't you use AAA to prove two triangles congruent?

You can't use AAA to prove two triangles congruent because triangles can have the same measures of all its angles but be bigger or smaller, AAA could probably be used to prove two triangles are similar not congruent.