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Triangles are congruent if all three sides in one triangle are congruent to the corresponding sides in the other.

When two triangles have corresponding sides with identical ratios, the triangles are similar.

Of course if triangles are congruent, they are also similar.

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Q: Is sss a way to find if triangles are similar?
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How do you prove sss theorem in similar triangles?

depends on what you have.... one way is to see that the the triangles share two same angles, and one side with equal length...

How do you make a flowchart for congruent or similar triangles?

Here guys Thanks :D Congruent triangles are similar figures with a ratio of similarity of 1, that is 1 1 . One way to prove triangles congruent is to prove they are similar first, and then prove that the ratio of similarity is 1. In these sections of the text the students find short cuts that enable them to prove triangles congruent in fewer steps, by developing five triangle congruence conjectures. They are SSS! , ASA! , AAS! , SAS! , and HL ! , illustrated below.

Is angle angle angle a way to show that triangles are similar?

Yes, AAA is a way to show that triangles are similar. Note, however, that AAA is not a way to show that triangles are congruent.

Is side angle side a way to show that triangles are similar?


Are quadrilaterals and triangles similar in any way?

They are both closed figures

Which are true statements about Sierpinski triangles?

They can be constructed in more than one way. They have fractional dimension. They are self-similar. They are constructed by removing small triangles from a big triangle.

How do you find area of a pentegon?

The only general way is to divide the pentagon into three triangles, calculate the areas of the triangles and add them together.

What is One way obtuse triangles and acute triangles are different?

One way is they both are triangles and have 3 sides.

How many triangles can make a hexagon?

4 triangles make 1 hexagon. (easy way to find out how many triangles there are in a polygon- take number of sides of the polygon, subtract 2 from it, that's your answer!)

Why do you say congruent and not equal triangles?

Triangles are not equal to each other in the same way that 5 = 5 or 23 = 8 + 15 because they are not discrete values. Congruent is a similar term to equivalent, which allows comparison.

How do you find the area of a random shape?

Such as? If you can break the shape up into triangles you can find the area that way. Or, you can get into calculus-based equations if you have an equation for the random shape.

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