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No. The square roots of perfect squares are rational.

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Q: Are all square roots are irrational numbers?
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Related questions

Are all square roots of even numbers rational?

No. The square roots 8 are irrational, as are the square roots of most even numbers.

Are all square roots irrational numbers?

No. Square root of 9=3. 3=3/1. Therefore not all square roots are irrational

What are non recurring irrational numbers?

All irrational numbers are non-recurring. If a number is recurring, it is rational. Examples of irrational numbers include the square root of 2, most square roots, most cubic roots, most 4th. roots, etc., pi, e, and most calculations involving irrational numbers.

Is the square root of 32 a rational number or an irrational number?

Irrational. All square roots of rational numbers are irrational, except perfect squares.

Is the square root of 13 irrational or rational?

The square root of 13 is irrational. All square roots of whole numbers are irrational unless the number is a perfect square.

Are all square roots irrational?


What are ten irrational numbers?

The square roots of 2, 3, 5, 6, 7. In all cases there are two roots (+ and -).

Is the square root of 19 a rational number?

No. 19 is a prime number, and all prime numbers have irrational roots.

What kind of number system is a square root?

A square root is not a number system. Square roots of non-negative numbers may be rational or irrational, but they all belong to the set of real numbers. The square roots of negative numbers do not. To include them, the number system needs to be extended to the complex numbers.

Are irrational numbers used to find square roots?

All prime numbers have irrational number square roots, so if you try to find the square root of a non-perfect square number use them to simplify it. For example, ±√125 = ±√25*5 = ±5√5 (when you want to show both the square roots) √72 = √36*2 = 6√2 √-27 = √-9*3 = 3i√3

What real number subsets are square root numbers in?

if there is no integer answer, they are irrationalex. sq root 5 is irrational but sq root 9 = 3 so it is rational,integer, counting numberif you are taking sq root of a negative they are imaginary ex. sqroot (-9)=========================The square roots of all positive real numbers are real numbers.The square roots of all negative real numbers are imaginary numbers.Some square roots are rational, but the vast majority are irrational.

What real number is also irrational?

All real numbers are irrational. For example, Pi is an irrational number that is a real number. Other irrational numbers can be the square root of an imperfect square.

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