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The square roots 8 are irrational, as are the square roots of most even numbers.

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Q: Are all square roots of even numbers rational?
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What is a set of rational numbers not closed under?

It is not closed under taking square (or other even) roots.

Determine if square root is rational or irrational?

Some square roots are rational, some are irrational (and some are not even real).

Is odd or even numbers rational numbers?

Every odd or even number is a rational number, and there are a lot more rational numbers besides those.

Are decimal numbers integers or rational numbers?

They can be integers, rational numbers or even approximations for irrational numbers.

How many square roots can a positive number have?

Every positive number has two square roots, though the roots are not always whole numbers (or even rational numbers). The more obvious of each numbers roots is the positive one.The positive square root of 4 is 2, because 2*2=4.The positive square root of 5 is roughly 2.236068.The other square root of a number is the negative inverse of their positive root. This is because when two negative numbers are multiplied together the negative signs "cancel out", leaving a positive number.The negative square root of 4 is -2, because -2*-2=4.The negative square root of 5 is roughly -2.236068.Zero has only one square root, itself, and no negative number has any (real number) square roots, since no number multiplied by itself will result in a negative.

What is a rational or irrational number called?

Hmmmm, tricky question.... seems to me like these numbers would most likely be called..... oh i don't know, numbers maybe?and rational numbers get even easier to answer, because they have true definition.If you are referring to Square (or any) roots, that try using the ______ root of ____.e is Euler's Constant, and π is pihope this helps-Nick Ogre

What are the numbers between two rational number?

There are infinitely many rational numbers between any two rational numbers. And the cardinality of irrational numbers between any two rational numbers is even greater.

Can pi be represented by a rational number in a numbering system that is not to base ten?

No. In fact, because pi is a transcendental number it cannot be represented in such a way even in a base composed of "ordinary" irrational numbers like square [or other] roots.

Can negative one half be a rational number?

Yes - all numbers that can be written as ratios, even negative numbers, are rational numbers.

What is the square roots of a even number from 10 to 20?

16 is an even number from 10 to 20, and its square roots are -4 and +4.

Rational numbers from smallest to largest?

There are an infinite number of rational numbers so it would be foolish to even try to list them.

What are all the square roots of every number?

Asking for a list for "every number" really doesn't make sense; there are infinitely many numbers, even if you are referring only to whole numbers. You can get the square root of specific numbers on any calculator.

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