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The ajective "even" is not usually applied to faces, so it is difficult to answer the question. Two faces of a square based cuboid are square. The remaining 4 are rectangles.

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Q: Are all the faces in a square base cuboid even?
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What has three pairs of opposite parallel congruent rectangular face?

A cuboid. Or a hexagonal prism. In fact any prism whose base has an even number of sides will have three pairs of opposite parallel congruent faces. All but the cuboid will also have other faces but the question does not exclude them.

What shape has 6 faces 8 edges 12 vertices?

The general shape with the characteristics that you require is a parallelepiped. Special cases of this shape are the rectangular prism. An even more special case is the cube.

If one corner cube was removed from a square prism what is its surface area?

The same as before. The newly exposed faces replace the lost faces, and since each face of a cube has the same area, the total remains unchanged. In fact you could even remove a cuboid rather than cube, and leave the surface area unchanged.

What 3D-shape has 6 faces 12 edges 8 vertexes?

A hexahedron. In special cases it would be a cuboid and, in even more specific cases, a cube.

What has six faces twelve edges and eight vertices?

cube * * * * * A hexahedron of which a parallelepiped is a special case. A cuboid is a special case of a parallelepiped and a cube is an even more specific example.

What shape has six vertices eight faces twelve edges?

A hexahedron of which a parallelepiped is a special case. A cuboid is a special case of a parallelepiped and a cube is an even more specific example. All the faces are quadrilaterals. A rectangular dipyramid (two rectangular pyramids stuck together along their rectangular faces) is another example. All faces are triangular.

What has 6 faces 8 verticies and 12 edges?

A cube, a rectangular solid (box) or any skewed version of these. Even a truncated pyramid (square base, four sides, but top cut off).

What shape has 8 vertices 6 faces and 12 edges?

It is a cuboid that has 8 vertices, 12 edges and 6 faces

You are a polyhedron all of your faces are the same all of you faces are equilateral triangles you have eight faces?

that's easy its a triangle * * * * * That is such a nonsensical answer! A triangle is not even a polyhedron. The correct answer is an octahedron - two square based pyramids stuck together along their bases.

Why surface area is measured in square units even though the figure is three dimensional?

because you are just measuring the outside faces, therefore it is only measured in square units

How many face edges and vertices does a triangle based pyramid have?

4 faces 6 edges 4 vertices Mathematically, a triangular pyramid would have 4 faces, even though one faces downwards; whereas the square pyramids in egypt are often said to have 4 faces as the bottom is not counted.

Which solid has five faces four lateral faces one base five vertices and eight edges?

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