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no only a square has all the faces of the same size

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Q: Are all the faces the same size in a rectangular prism?
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Do all rectangular prism's have the same size of faces?

yes because if it doesn't have the same faces then its not a rectangular prism

What is another name for a rectangular prism whose faces and bases are the same size and shape?

A cube.

Why does a cube have same number of faces edges and vertices as a rectangular prism?

Because a cube IS a rectangular prism ... one where the length, the width, and the height just happen to be all the same size.

How many sizes does a rectangular prism have?

A rectangular prism can be any size.

Does a rectangular prism has parallel sides?

yes it does, if it is a regular prism with the top and bottom the same size.

How many faces on a hexagonal prism and where?

A Prism is the name given to a solid which is the same size and shape no matter where you make a perpendicular cut through it at some point along it's length. We say that it's 'cross sectional' shape is unchanged along it's entire length. Answer:- 6 rectangular faces, and 2 hexagonal faces at the ends. Total = 8 Faces. Another example of a Prism is a piece of timber say 4x2 inch x 100 inch long. This is called a rectangular prism and has only 6 faces.

What is the difference between a rectangular cube and a rectangular prism?

Cuboid has all the same size lengths on the square size, the rectangular prism has only 2 of one size, and 2 lengths of another size. A cube is a "rectangle" with all the sides the same size. Basically a square instead of a rectangle, with a 3-D view.

How many faces does a small triangular prism have?

A triangular prism has 5 faces. The size of the prism makes no difference.

What is the average size of a rectangular prism?

no idea... :P

How is a rectangular prism and a cube diff rent?

I hope this answer is helpful because i am only 11, but this is useful.A rectangular prism is different in many ways:A cube has all of its sides the same size and shape. However, a rectangular prism has two sides different than the others.A cube is a square, on the contrary a rectangular prism is more as a rectangular figure.Different sizes and angle measurements.

How many a quarter inch cubes can fit in a rectangular prism?

The answer obviously depends on the size of the prism!

How many small cubes are needed to fill in a rectangular prism?

depends the size of the rectangular prism work out the length then the width and the height LxWx= volumewhat ur question is asking is basically: whats the volume of a rectangular prism?hope i helped! XD! x

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