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A rectangular prism can be any size.

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Q: How many sizes does a rectangular prism have?
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What is the capacity in liters of a rectangular prism?

We need the sizes of the prism sides.

You see two sizes of me when you trace a rectangular prism What am I?


How is a rectangular prism and a cube diff rent?

I hope this answer is helpful because i am only 11, but this is useful.A rectangular prism is different in many ways:A cube has all of its sides the same size and shape. However, a rectangular prism has two sides different than the others.A cube is a square, on the contrary a rectangular prism is more as a rectangular figure.Different sizes and angle measurements.

How many vertice a rectangular prism have?

A rectangular prism has 8 vertices. A rectangular prism is a cuboid and that has 8 vertices. A rectangular prism will have 8 vertices.

What figure do you see two sizes of when you trace a rectangular prism?


How many faces on a rectangular prism triangular prism triangular pyramid rectangular prism rectangular pyramid?

Rectangular prism = 6Triangular prism = 5 Triangular pyramid = 4 Rectangular prism: it is still 6 Rectangular pyramid = 5.

How many cube does a rectangular prism?

It depends on the dimensions of the rectangular prism.

How many edged does a rectangular prism?

A rectangular prism has 12 edges.

How many sides on a rectangular prism?

There are 6 sides on a rectangular prism.

How many sides does rectangular prism?

There are 12 sides on a rectangular prism.

How many edges does a rectangular prism has?

A rectangular Prism has 12 edges.

How many verticies are in a rectangular prism?

there are 8 vertices on a rectangular prism.