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Yes. It takes 3,280.8399 feet to make 1 kilometer

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โˆ™ 2010-08-24 21:40:51
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Q: Are kilometers bigger than feet
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Is feet bigger than kilometers?


Is kilometers bigger or meters?

Kilometers are 1000 times bigger than meters

Is 3 feet bigger than 2 feet?

Yes, 3 feet is bigger than 2 feet.

Can meter be bigger than feet?

yes a meter is bigger than feet

Is a feet bigger than a foot?

Yes a feet is bigger than a foot.

Do males have bigger feet than females?

Yes they do , because they have bigger feet. Thus, they have bigger feet because they have bigger feet.

Why is feet bigger than yards?

Feet are not bigger than yards. A yard is equal to 3 feet

Are kilometers smaller than centimeters?

No, Kilometers are bigger than Centimeters.

Are men's feet bigger than woman's feet?

no women's feet are bigger

Is feet bigger than meters?

Feet is not bigger then meters.

Is feet bigger than yards or is yards bigger than feet?

Yards is bigger because you need 3 feet to make 1 yard.

Which is bigger miles or kilometers?

Miles are longer than kilometers.

Is 1476 kilometers bigger than 15 kilometers?


Are meters bigger than kilometers?


Is millimeters bigger than kilometers?


Are hectometers bigger than kilometers?

No, they are not.

Is feet or inches bigger?

Feet are 12 times bigger than inches.

Are kilometers smaller than meters?

No the kilometers are bigger than meters. There are 1000 meters in a kilometer.

Is a centimeters bigger than a kilometers?

Nope. A kilometer is 100,000 times bigger than a centimeter.

Are feet bigger than miles?

Miles are longer than feet

Is feet bigger than meter?

Feet is smaller than meters.

What Is bigger 70 inches bigger then 5 feet?

70 inches is bigger (longer) than 5 feet

Is 12 feet bigger than 19 feet?

No, 12 feet is smaller than 19 feet.

Is 3yd and 2 ft bigger than 132 feet?

Since 3 yards and 2 feet equal ll feet, no, 3 feet and 2 feet are not bigger than 132 feet.

Is 9 yards bigger than 26 feet?

Yes, 9 yards is equivalent to 27 feet. 27 feet is greater than 26 feet, therefore 9 yards is bigger than 26 feet.