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yes they are the same things

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What is length width height?

length and height is the same thing it is the height from the bottom to the top of the figure and width is the measurement across and object

What is the height and width?

it is the same as the length which is the height.the height is how tall the thing is.the width is how long it is.

Is length times width the same as base times height?

yes because the height is how tall the object is, and the base is how wide the object is, so therefor, base x height is the same thing as length x width. (answer by _mistercat_)

Is length squared the same as length times height?

No! Length squared will be the length times the length again. Length times height is going to find the area so it will not be the same.

How do you find height when length and breadth are given in rectangle?

A rectangle is a 2-dimensional object. It cannot have length and breadth AND height. If three dimensions are given, then two of them (eg breadth and height) must stand for the same thing.

How do you find the width of a cube when you have the length and height of it?

The width height and length would all be the same

Is the length the same as the height of a freezer?


How do you find length and width of a square showing only the height of the square?

the height is the same as the length and width

Are the height and length of a cylinder the same?


Is length the same as height?

NO. What gave you that idea?

Is the length and height the same?

Yes. Height width and length are the same. It just depends on your point of view. However, hieght is usually volume and surface area and length is area and perimeter.

Is height and width the same thing?

no. height is the length from the top of the object to the bottem. while width is the left side of the object all the way to the right side of that certain object.

What is the length of a cube with a volume of 3375?

The length is 15. The width and height are the same.

Length by height or height by length?

Length by height.Addition:About artworks it is always height by length.

How do you find the sq ft of 26ftx12ft?

square feet is the same as area. length X width 26ft x 12ft 312 sq ft length times width base times height same thing

Is the length and the height of an object the same thing?

No. Length is a two-dimensional measure, whereas height is a 3-dimensional measure. Something (a 3-D object) having height, will also have length. But a 2-D object can never have any height. Example a picture of a table has no height "literally" (we can just make an assumption). But an actual table (which is 3-dimensional object) has height. Height is the distance of the object's top from the earth. Heigth is measured vertically. Length is measured horizontally. It is parallel to the ground.

What metric unit for height?

Height is just length standing on end. Meters work equally well for both.

What has a tongue the same length as its body?

No thing has a tongue the same length as its body. chameleons

Is the length the base?

Yes, the base and the length are the same thing.

Is depth the same thing as length?


Is length the same thing as width?


Shape have the same dimensions of length height and width?


Is height the same thing as length?

No. In 3-dimensional space, the extent of a body is usually measured in three mutually perpendicular (orthogonal) directions. The height of an object is its extent in the vertical direction. Length usually refers to the largest extent in the three orthogonal directions.

Is height and volume the same thing?


Do a square have length width and height?

A cube (3D) has length, width and height. A square (2D) drawn on a piece of paper only has length and width - in the case of a square, all sides have the same length.

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