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Q: Are numbers that you can add two or more numbers in any order and get the same sum?
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What states that you can add two or more numbers in any order and get the same sum?

The Commutative property of addition.

Why is order in which numbers are added does not change the result?

because when you add numbers if you move them around then the quantaty of the numbers is still the same making it add up to the same number

How do you get the sum of three numbers?

Add them up. Any order (the result is always the same)

What does order property of aditon mean?

It means that you can add up the numbers in any order, and it doesn't matter, the result will be the same.

When we add two numbers in reverse order then what remains the same?

We get the same answer: 4 + 8 = 12 or 8 + 4 = 12

What two numbers can you multiply and get 216 and then add the same numbers and get 15?

i do not no

What is the meaning of the commutative of addition?

the greatest factor that two or more numbers have in common.

How you find sum of prime numbers?

Prime numbers have only two factors which are themselves and one and they add up in the same way as composite numbers which have more than two factors

What is a general idea of 1 plus 2 equals 2 plus 1?

This would be the commutative property of addition. It states that we can add the same numbers in any order and arrive at the same answer. I always tell my students the "C" in commutative stands for change as in changing the order of the numbers...

What are rules on how to add integers with the same sign?

You simply add the numbers: the answer has a positive sign.

Which Two numbers add and make the same answer when you times them numbers?

5 x 1.25

What do you call the result when you add two numbers?

when you add two or more numbers together, the result is called the sum