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Q: Are octagons and heptagons polygons
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Related questions

Is a polygon is an octagon?

Polygon means many sides. Octagon mean eight sides. Not all polygons are octagons, but all octagons are polygons. Examples of other polygons are triangles, squares, parallelograms, rhombuses, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, decagons

Shapes that are polygons?

any shape that is closed and has no round sides, triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, octagons, nonagons...

What is the shape that is a polygon and has more than four sides?

There are pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, octagons, et cetera.

List all 2d shapes?

Generally speaking, 2d shapes are all polygons. This would be, squares, parallelograms, triangles, rectangles, hexagon, octagons, pentagons, circle, and heptagons.

How many sides do 4 heptagons and 5 octagons have altogether?

A heptagon has seven sides, and an octagon has eight sides. 4 heptagons and 5 octagons then have (4*7)+(5*8) = 68 sides altogether

Are all octagons polygons?


Why is a octagon not a polygons?

That is because an octagon is singular and polygons is plural. An octagon is a polygon, and octagons are polygons but a octagon cannot be a polygons.

Do octagons have eight sides?

yes Yes octagons are 8 sided polygons

What shape can be a 7 sided polygon?

All seven sided polygons are known as "heptagons". Heptagons that have all side lengths the same are known as "regular heptagons".

What are septagons?

Septagons or heptagons are 7 sided polygons

What is a shape that can be a 8 sided polygon?

All eight sided polygons are known as "octagons". Octagons that have all side lengths the same are known as "regular octagons".

What are some facts about octagons?

it has 8 sides,angles,and vertices.Octagons have eight sides. They are also polygons.

How many sides do 4 decagons 4 heptagons and 3 octagons have altogether?

A decagon has ten sides, a heptagon seven, and an octagon eight. So in 4 decagons, 4 heptagons, and 3 octagons there are 4*10 + 4*7 + 3*8 = 40 + 28 + 24 = 92 sides altogether.

Can a semi-regular tessellation be made from octagons and rhombi?

Strictly speaking, no, because a semi-regular tessellation must be based on regular polygons and rhombi are not regular polygons. However, octagons and rhombi can be used to make a non-regular tessellation.

What are some examples of polygons?

Quadrilaterals, pentagons, triangles, octagons, hexagons, decagons.

What is 2 different polygon shapes have 7 sides?

Polygons are 2D plane figures. All polygons with 7 sides would be classified as heptagons.

Name shapes from 7 to 9 octagons heptagons hexagons?

hex = 6, hept = 7, oct = 8, non or enne = 9.

How many sides does a corral shaped octagon have?

All octagons are 8 sided polygons.

Can heptagons tessellate?

No. Equilateral heptagons (7 sided figures) do not tessellate the plane. Not if no other polygons are allowed. But if you allow a (non-equilateral) pentagon then you might be able to tessellate the plane!

How many sides do 5 heptagons 2 hexagons 4 nonagons and 3 octagons have altogether?

A heptagon has seven sides, a hexagon six, a nonagon nine, and an octagon eight. So in 5 heptagons, 2 hexagons, 4 nonagons, and 3 octagons there are (5*7)+(2*6)+(4*9)+(3*8) = 35 + 12 + 36 + 24 = 107 sides altogether.

Which shapes are polygons and which are not?

A polygon is a two-dimensional shape enclosed by lines only, not curves. So triangles, squares, rectangles, and octagons are examples of polygons. Circles, ellipses, and annuli are some shapes that are not polygons.

What do Hexagons and octagons have in common?

They are both polygons whose exterior angles add up to 360 degrees.

What are facts about the octagon?

Octagons are polygons with 8 sides and 8 angles that add up to equal 1080

What would a semi regular tessellation have?

It is a tessellation which uses two regular polygons. For example, octagons and squares.

Which polygons do not tessellate?

Pentagons, decagons, and octagons will not tessellate. In order to create a tessellation, the sum of the angles at a point must be 360.