Are all octagons polygons

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: Are all octagons polygons
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What is a shape that can be a 8 sided polygon?

All eight sided polygons are known as "octagons". Octagons that have all side lengths the same are known as "regular octagons".

Are octagons and heptagons polygons?


Do octagons have eight sides?

yes Yes octagons are 8 sided polygons

How many sides does a corral shaped octagon have?

All octagons are 8 sided polygons.

Why is a octagon not a polygons?

That is because an octagon is singular and polygons is plural. An octagon is a polygon, and octagons are polygons but a octagon cannot be a polygons.

Why is it pentagon called polygon?

A polygon is a shape with 3 or more sides. Triangles, squares, and octagons are all polygons. A circle is not. Pentagons have 5 sides sso they are considered polygons

Is a polygon is an octagon?

If the octagon is a regular octagon (all eight sides and all eight angles are equal), then it is a regular polygon. If it is not a regular octagon (i.e. if it is an irregular octagon) then is it an irregular polygon.

What are some examples of polygons?

Quadrilaterals, pentagons, triangles, octagons, hexagons, decagons.

Can a semi-regular tessellation be made from octagons and rhombi?

Strictly speaking, no, because a semi-regular tessellation must be based on regular polygons and rhombi are not regular polygons. However, octagons and rhombi can be used to make a non-regular tessellation.

What is a 8 sided parallelogram?

Parallelograms have only four sides. Polygons with eight sides are octagons.

What are some facts about octagons?

it has 8 sides,angles,and vertices.Octagons have eight sides. They are also polygons.

Which shapes are polygons and which are not?

A polygon is a two-dimensional shape enclosed by lines only, not curves. So triangles, squares, rectangles, and octagons are examples of polygons. Circles, ellipses, and annuli are some shapes that are not polygons.