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No, they are parallel.

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Q: Are opposite sides or a rectangle perpendicular?
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Are all sides perpendicular in a rectangle?

Adjacent sides are perpendicular. Opposite sides are parallel.

Is an rectangle parellel or perpendicular?

Shapes are not parallel or perpendicular. Lines are.Every side of a rectangle is parallel to the side opposite it,and perpendicular to both of the sides next to it.

Are all rectangles perpendicular?

Yes. The basic definition for a rectangle is 4 sides, four right angles(perpendicular), and opposite sides are congruent.

Does rectangles always have perpendicular sides?

Yes the 4 corners of a rectangle are perpendicular to each other and its opposite sides are parallel to each other.

Does a irregular rectangle have any perpendicular lines?

Aquadrilateral that is called a rectangle has by definition 4 right angles (all sides are perpendicular to their neighbors) and opposite sides that are equal in length and parallel.

Are diagonals of equal length in a parallelogram and rectangle?

the diagonal in a paralleogram is not equal but the diagonals in the rectangle are congruent this is because the opposite sides of a parallelogram and rectangle are same parallel to each other but the adjacent sides of a parallelogram is not perpendicular where as the adjacent sides of rectangle is perpendicular to each other.

What is the main difference between a rectangle and a square?

A square has all its sides equal but in a rectangle only the opposite sides are equal Also square's diagonals are perpendicular to each other while rectangle's are not

What quadrilateral always has perpendicular sides?

A rectangle always has perpendicular sides.

Information about adjacent sides of a rectangle.?

Adjacent sides of a rectangle are perpendicular.

Is parallelogram a perpendicular sides?

A parallelogram with perpendicular sides is called a rectangle.

Are there any perpendicular sides in rectangle how many?

A rectangle has 4 perpendicular sides that meet each other at right angles.

What is the name for a parallelogram that has perpendicular sides?