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Yes, they are members of the Oleaceae family. They are both flowering hedges that may takes up to four years to reach maturity.

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Q: Are privet hedge and purple leaf hedge from the same family?
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How and when do you prune a purple leaf plum hedge?

prune in late spring after blooming

What is a privet leaf?

a privet leaf is leaves that stick insects eat !

Does a purple leaf plum hedge lose leaves in winter?

Yes, they're deciduous, so they lose their leaves in the winter. I hear--although have not seen yet (planted my purple leaf plum hedge this spring) --that the bare wood is a very dark purple color in the winter.

Does a Purple Leaf Plum Hedge produce cherries?

No. The purple leaved plum is Prunus Pissardii which very occasionaly will produce plums.

Are purple leaf plum hedge plants evergreen?

Yes, purple leaf plum hedge plants are evergreen. The woody plant in question (Prunus cisterna) does not drop its foliage within less than a year, which is the hallmark of deciduous or non-evergreen plants. Purple leaf plum hedges provide landscaping color, interest, and texture even while other plants that do not drop foliage over the course of several years are littering the ground with leaves for composting.

What is the kingdom phylum class order family genus and species of a purple leaf plum?

The kingdom phylum class order family genus is the family of plant species that have at least five leaves and the species of a purple leaf plum is genagia.

Can a wax leaf ligustrum hedge in-grow a wire fence?


Can a wax leaf ligustrum hedge in grow a wire fence?


What plant has purple leaf?


What is the scientific name for privet?

what is the scientific name for privet?There are four species of privet in east Texas (where I live and work). All are in the genus Ligustrum. The individual species names are as follows Glossy privet (Ligustrum lucidum Ait. F), Japanese privet (Ligustrum japonicumThumb.), Wax leaf ligustrum (Ligustrum quihoui Carr.), and Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinese Lour.).Source: Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of East Texas by Elray S. Nixon. Second edition, copyright 2000.

List of purple heart with oak leaf cluster?

do you want a list of people that won a Purple Heart with the oak leaf cluster? In Vietnam in 1967

Are purple leaf plum hedges poisonous to horses?


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