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Rational numbers are those numbers that can be expressed as a ratio of two integers. 2.4, for example, is a rational number (it can be written as the ratio 12/5), but not a counting number.

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Q: Are rational numbers counting numbers
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Are all counting numbers rational numbers?

Yes, they are.

What is the relationship between counting numbers whole numbers integers and rational numbers?

Counting numbers are a proper subset of whole numbers which are the same as integers which are a proper subset of rational numbers.

What election use rational numbers?

I would hope all elections use rational numbers: all Counting numbers are Rational numbers.

Is -3 a Real or rational or irrational or integer or whole or counting?

-3 is a real, rational, whole integer. But then, -- All integers are real rational whole numbers. -- All whole numbers are real rational integers. -- All rational numbers are real. -- All counting numbers are real, rational, whole integers.

What are the examples for rational numbers in daily life?

use in counting

What are the set of real number?

Rational numbers, nonrational numbers, integers,whole numbers, and counting numbers.

How do you prove the set of rational numbers are uncountable?

They are not. They are countably infinite. That is, there is a one-to-one mapping between the set of rational numbers and the set of counting numbers.

Why rational numbers were required?

First of all counting numbers (positive integers) are rational numbers so without rational numbers there would be no counting. You could not equitably share one item between two or more people without fractions (rational numbers). Everything does not come in whole numbers - there are times when you need half-a-day, or 2.5 teaspoons, etc.

What numbers can be integers rational and real number?

Every counting number, and the negative of it, are real, rational integers.

Give the different kinds of real numbers?

Natural numbers or Counting numbers Integers Rational numbers Irrational numbers

What are 20 and 15 in math?

Real numbers, Rational numbers, Integers, Counting numbers, Composite numbers, multiples of 5.

Is 0.666..... a counting number?

No, it is a rational number. Numbers in the form of a/b, where a and b are integers, are called rational numbers. 0.666... can be written as 20/3. So it is a rational number.

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