Are regular polygons always equiangular

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A regular polygon is always equiangular.

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Q: Are regular polygons always equiangular
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Related questions

What shapes are always eqiangular?

Equiangular (not eqiangular) polygons are equiangular. These can be, but need not be, regular polygons.

What polygon is both equiangular and equilateral?

There are many polygons that are both equiangular and equilateral. For example, squares and equilateral triangles are both equiangular and equilateral polygons. The general term for polygons that are both equiangular and equilateral is regular.

Regular polygons are both equiangular and equilateral?


What polygon is an equiangular polygon?

All regular polygons are equiangular because their side lengths are equal.

Is a regular polygon always equiangular?

Yes, a regular polygon is always equiangular.

Is a triangle a small regular polygon?

A regular polygon is any polygon that has sides which are the same length and angles whose measures are equal. An equilateral triangle (also equiangular triangle) is a regular polygon. Other isosceles triangles (equilateral triangles are isosceles, but they are an exception) and scalene triangles are not regular polygons. A side note: Only in a triangle is a polygon regular solely if it is equilateral. (Since an equilateral triangle is equiangular as well). This is NOT always true in other polygons, like quadrilaterals, where it can be equilateral but not necessarily equiangular (a rhombus) or equiangular but not equilateral (a rectangle).

What angles are equiangular?

Angles cannot be equiangular: the latter is a property of polygons. Equiangular polygons are ones in which all the angles are equal.

Is it true that a regular polygon is always equiangular and equilateral?

Yes, by definition. If it not equilateral AND equiangular, then it is not regular.

What polygons are always similar?

Regular polygons.

Is it true that regular polygons are both equilateral and equiangular?

Yes, regular polygons have equal side lengths and equal interior angles as for example an equilateral triangle or maybe a square.

what is the name of polygons you given to a shape?

There are lots of different types of polygons Polygons are classified into various types based on the number of sides and measures of the angles.: Regular Polygons Irregular Polygons Concave Polygons Convex Polygons Trigons Quadrilateral Polygons Pentagon Polygons Hexagon Polygons Equilateral Polygons Equiangular Polygons

What is a Polygon that is both equiangular and equilateral?

A rhombus if i remember my geometry its a rhombus A rhombus is NOT equiangular. A square is the only quadrilateral with equal sides and equal angles. An equilateral triangle is also equiangular. Polygons that are equilateral and equiangular are called regular.

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