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Not exactly. 08 should switch to 80.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-15 16:25:38
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Q: Are the digits 08232569 are the same as 96523208 read backwards?
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What is the only unknown number palindrome?

A palindromic number is a number whose digits, with decimal representation usually assumed, are the same read backwards, for example, 58285.

When was The Cat Who Could Read Backwards created?

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards was created in 1966.

How many pages does The Cat Who Could Read Backwards have?

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards has 256 pages.

Why do Japanese people read backwards?

They actually don't read backwards. The Japanese read from right to left because they write different than the people in the US. They probably think that we write and read backwards. It's kind of confusing.

Is the Torah read backwards?


How do you apply for a solar grant?

flesruoy kcuf og (read backwards) flesruoy kcuf og (read backwards)

What do you say for words that read the same when read backwards?


Braille writing is it read backwards?


What is the term for a word that can be spelled backwards?

Palindromes are words that read the same backwards and forwards.

What do you call a word that can be read forwards and backwards but not spelled like a palidrome?

It is called a semordilap which is backwards for palidromes. An example of a palidrome is kayak which is the same when read both forwards and backwards. An example of a semordilap is dog and G-d which use the same letters when read forwards or backwards but are obviously different words.

Do you read expiration dates backwards in Italy?


This animal read backwards and misspelled?

Deer. :)

Where do Nacirema live?

They are American read it backwards

How do you check 121 is palindrome or not?

Read it backwards.

What is it called when you read numbers backwards?


How many numbers in a palindrome?

One. If you mean "digits", the number can have any amount of digits; the only requirement to be called a "palindrome" is that if you read it backwards, you get the same sequence of digits. Thus, any of the following is a palindrome: 1 (any 1-digit number is a palindrome), 55, 121, 2002, 12321, 600006, 8105018, ... As you can see, you can make them arbitrarily large.

This animal read backwards mis-spelled?

Deer, because 'deer' spelled backwards is 'reed'.

What is the writing callled when can read forward and backwards?


What is the word for numbers that read backwards and forwards?


What is the writing call when you can read it forward and backwards?


What is meening of ECNALG?

read it backwards, ECNALG GLANCE

How do you read a Canadian driver's license number?


What Adam first said to eve?

Palindromes are sentences that read the same forwards or backwards, and the answer to this is a well known palindrome. You can read it forwards or backwards. "Madam, I'm Adam"

Does the phase was it a cat you saw read forwards and backwards?

No, was it a cat you saw backwards is was ouy tac a ti saw. Was it a cat I saw is the same backwards and forewords.

What do we call words that are the same forwards and backwards?

The word is palindrome. For example “Madam” is the same read backwards or forwards.