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Yes. Line segments are straight, by definition.

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Q: Are the line segments straight in a polygon?
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Are circles polygons?

NO, a circle is not a polygon. A polygon is composed of a finite set of straight line segments, and a circle has NO straight line segments.

Is a half moon a polygon?

No. All of the sides of a polygon are straight line segments.

What is one of the segments that forms a polygon 5?

A straight line.

What is the answer of a close figure formed by straight line segments?

A polygon.

Does a polygon have sides that are line segments true or false?

False. They can only be straight line segments: there cannot be any curved line segments.

What is a polygon look like?

A polygon is a plane figure that is closed with straight line segments.

How do you explain why a circle is not a polygon?

A circle is composed by an infinite sequence of straight line segments, while a polygon has a finite sequence of straight line segments.

Closed plane figure bounded by straight line segments?

A polygon

What is a shape made up of line segments?

A shape made up of line segments is a shape with straight lines, or a polygon. for example, a square has straight lines, or is made up of line segments. A circle is not in that category because it has no straight lines, they are curved.

Does a polygon hast to have three line segments?

Yes, a triangle is a polygon with 3 line segments

Does a polygon have sides that are line segments?

A polygon is defined as "a plane figure that is bounded by a finite chain of straight line segments closing in a loop to form a closed chain or circuit"... So - Yes.

What is a closed figure made of all straight lines or line segment?

a closed figure with all straight line segments is called a polygon.

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