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Q: Are the mean mode median are same in normal distribution?
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What is the distribution when the mean median and mode are the same?

The normal distribution.

How are the mode and median the same?

Mean, median, and mode are all equal in a normal distribution.

Normal distribution is symmetric about mean or median or mode?


Does mode equal median in a normal distribution?

Yes, mode equals median in a normal distribution.

What are the median and mode of a normal distribution if the mean is 22 and the standard deviation is 4?

The mean, median, and mode of a normal distribution are equal; in this case, 22. The standard deviation has no bearing on this question.

In a normal distribution you will always know that?

The mean is the same as the mode and median.

Does mode equals the median normal distribution?

Yes it is. The normal distribution is symmetrical around the mode. Therefore the median has to be the same :)

How does the median affect the graph of a normal distribution?

A normal distribution is symmetrical; the mean, median and mode are all the same, on the line of symmetry (middle) of the graph.

Is normal distribution bimodel?

No.  Normal distribution is uni-modal, specifically with the mean, mode, and median at the same value.

Is the mean 50 percentile of any normal distribution?

Yes, the mean (and median and mode) is the 50th percentile of any normal distribution.

Normal distribution it is always true that mean equals median equals mode?

Yes- this can be proved from the normal distribution function.

Do the mean median and mode of a collection of numbers always have to be different?

No, in a normal distribution they are the same.