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Yes, I got a pair and I like them. But be careful because if they are at perfect length, don't shrink them. I did that to another pair and now they are too small.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-14 16:05:36
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Q: Are the new Gap style jeans that are designed to fit curvy shapes comfortable?
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Do skinny-leg jeans look good on curvy people?

Skinny jeans can look good on most body types, even if you have a curvy figure opposed to an anorexic one.

Where can I find fashionable gray jeans for the full figured woman?

Avenue offers gray jeans for full figured curvy women. The price varies between $19-$25. They also offer jeans that provide a slimming effect and make curvy women look skinnier.

How much do Joe's Jeans Honey Curvy Fit cost?

The cost of Joe's Jeans Honey Curvy Fit will vary depending on where one is purchasing them from. In the United States they cost between $75 and $100 from eBay and Nordstrom for example.

If you have very tight uncomfortable jeans where can you get comfortable jeans?

By any decent jeans store

Kevin Jonas says the most comfortable jeans are?

skinny jeans

Where can I buy great maternity jeans?

I am also pregnant, and finding jeans that are comfortable and fit well can be difficult. I have found that jeans from Old Navy Maternity are affordable, stylish, and very comfortable.

Does Levi Strauss or Wrangler carry comfortable jeans in plus sizes?

Both brands carry comfortable jeans for women in plus sizes.

Where can you find curvy fit jeans?

Try Newport news,, and and Sears/kohls carry the curvy line from LEVIS they fit nice. If you are petite try Walmart, they carry jeans (flare) that are 4% spandex. GREAT price and look like they cost $100+

Where did the term Apple Bottom jeans come from?

The term Apple Bottom jeans came from the idea of curvy women wearing tight fitting jeans that have the appearance of an apple shape. They became famous after 2003.

What body type is best for high-waisted skinny jeans?

women who are are curvy or who are tall, but women who are petite and curvy or thin, cannot pull them off as well because it swallows up their figure.

Why is it more comfortable wearing jogging pants under my jeans?

Jogging pant in general are more comfortable and warmer than jeans. I would skip the jeans all together and just wear the jogging pants.

What are the Calvin Klein Jeans target customer?

Modern urban and curvy women. Also medium-high class.

Finding the Best Jeans for Your Body Type?

Jeans are popular everywhere, as just about everyone loves to wear them. This fashion style found around the world has a diverse variety of brands and fits. With all the options, it can be difficult to find the best pants for you. However, once you do find the perfect fit, you should keep it in mind while shopping. One of the most popular blue jeans types today, skinny jeans, is not named poorly. This style is not for everyone - it is more appropriate for thinner people. Because this type of pants is so skin-tight and tight around the ankles, it may not look so flattering on a fuller-figured person. People of all sizes can wear skinny jeans, but if they are on the curvy side for their pants size the style may not look as good. However, there are other stylish options available for curvier people. Curvy jeans, another popular style of pants, is also named aptly. Curvy style denim jeans give more room throughout the pants to accommodate those with curvy bodies. Thus, in the same vein as skinny jeans, curvy pants will not look as good on those with skinnier body types. That does not mean that a size two should not wear curvy-style pants, but people have a wide range of body types, and one person may be curvier than another person who wears the same size. Boot cut and straight leg denim pants are other current styles that can fit different body types. These styles are more basic, with a simple style through the legs of the pants. In the case of boot cut jeans, there is a slight flare at the ankles, where your boots would be. These pants are likely to fit just about everyone fairly well, but they are not as fitted to particular body shapes in the way that curvy and skinny jeans are. With all of this in mind, you can more easily find jeans that fit your body type and preferred style. However, you will still need to try on different jeans to see what works for you. You will likely find that one brand fits you the best.

What stores sell jeans for curvy women?

As the people of the world grow bigger with plus sizes becoming the norm, all clothes are becoming more readily available in flattering fits. Stores such as Gap and Levi now sell jeans for curvy women but most high street stores also now have a range available.

Do jeans have a big impact on society?

It's hard to tell whether jeans have a big impact on society or not. But men feel very comfortable wearing jeans.

Who designed the first pair of skinny jeans?


Who designed true religion jeans?


What exactly are henleys jeans?

Henleys jeans come in a many styles, fits, shapes and colors to suit individual aspirations and needs. These jeans are from the UK and they are sold in the UK.

Why are jeans bad?

I find it comfortable and good. I don't think them to be bad.

Which looks better for girls skinny jeans or super skinny jeans?

Depends on your weight. Some girls are not comfortable in either. i prefer skinny jeans, but you pick what you like best.

You wear size 14 jeans what size would you wear in mens jeans?

About 34w30l in mens size.. but the womens jeans are usually more comfortable so I'd stick with them

What size jeans is beyonce?

In American sizes, curvy R&B singer Beyoncé wears a size six in jeans. Her current measurements are as follows: 33-26-38.

Is wearing jeans suitable than wearing seres?

What do you means suitable..? women have her right to wear that she felt comfortable whether it is saree or jeans.

Are there any skinny jeans that actually will look good on someone who is short and very curvy?

One good place to look would be at Express. They sell jeans that are specifically indicated for curvy figures. They have a bootcut version, a flare version and also a skinny jean version. Even better, if you go to Express you can choose between short, regular and long pants, which is great for shorter girls.

Will the Moose Creek flannel lined men's jeans keep me warmer than wearing a thermal and jeans?

Flannel jeans will always keep you warmer than thermals, and will be much more comfortable.