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No the x-axis and y-axis are not in any quadrant. They go between quadrants.

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Q: Are the x-axis and the y-axis in any quadrant?
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Which point is not located on the xaxis or the yaxis of a coordinate grid?

Which point is not located on the xaxis or the yaxis of a coordinate grid?Read more:Which_point_is_not_located_on_the_xaxis_or_the_yaxis_of_a_coordinate_grid

When your independent variable is plotted on the xaxis and the dependent variable is plotted on the yaxis?

.... then your graph is inverted.

To design a building which type of moment of inertia you use about xaxis about yaxis or polar moment of inertia?

We use y_y axes

What is the value of the coordinate of every point on the xaxis?

It is called the ordinate.

Which quadrant contains -3 0?

Points on the x-axis or y-axis are not in any quadrant. Therefore, (-3,0) is not contained in a quadrant.

In which quadrant is the point of origin?

The point of origin is not in any quadrant. In fact, any point on the X or Y axis is not in a quadrant. In order for a point to be in Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4, it must not be on an axis.

What quadrant is 0 -3 in?

(0, -3) is not in any quadrant. I lies on the border between two quadrants. Because zero is not positive or negative, it cannot be defined as in a quadrant

Why is it that roman number is used in naming the quadrant?

Roman numbers are used in naming the quadrants as it will be easy to distinguish between the various quadrants as all the other dimensions in that quadrant are in numeric form .So,to avoid any error or redundancy .There are 4 quadrants : quadrant I,quadrant II,quadrant III and quadrant IV.

Any of four divisions in the abdominopelvic area?


What is the sign of the cordinates each quadrant?

Quadrant I : (+, +) Quadrant II : (-, +) Quadrant III : (-, -) Quadrant IV : (+, -)

Which ordered pair is located in Quadrant III?

Any ordered pair in the third quadrant has negative x and y values. So (-1,-1), for example, is the third quadrant.

What is the quadrant of y equals 0?

y=0 is a horizontal line on the x-axis. Therefore, it does not lie in any quadrant.

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