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Many thousands.

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Q: Are there any sporting events or religious events?
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Why were sports important to the Greeks?

Sporting events were part of religious celebrations for the Greek gods. So was theatre.

How old you have to be to buy tickets for sporting events?

There is no age requirement to purchase tickets to sporting events. Your son should not have any problem purchasing tickets.

What is the difference between the A and B sporting events?

The 'A' sporting events are a higher class than the 'B' sporting events. Sporting is a lot more competitive and there are more skilled competitors in the 'A'

Is sporting events a compound noun?

No, events is a noun, sporting in an adjective.

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what major sporting events happened in 1996

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more likely foot ball

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There are no sporting events in the Vatican as there is no room for sporting facilities or fields. The Vatican does have a national soccer team composed primarily of members of the Swiss Guard. They rarely play any games, however.

What is a timekeeper important for in sporting events?

A timekeeper is important to keep track of the time in all sporting events. His job is to prevent any unfair advantages that can occur in the game due to the clock.

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You shouldn't even be Taking drugs in Sporting events Dumba**.

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