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Edges or sides? There are 3D figures with one side and one edge.

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Q: Are there any three dimensional figures that have 2 edges?
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What three dimensional figures have polygons for bases?

Any convex three dimensional figure with straight edges (or plain faces) will have polygons for bases so there is an infinity of such shapes.

How many edges are there on an equilateral triangle?

An equilateral triangle has sides and angles. There are 3 sides in any triangle. Edges are in three dimensional figures.

Are there any three-dimensional figures than have fewer than 3 edges?

Yes, an example of this is a sphere which does not have any edges. If you had intended to ask if there are any polyhedra with less than three edges, the answer to that would be no, as the only figure constructable from three distinct lines is a triangle.

The amount of space occupied by a two dimensional figure?

zero. two dimensional figures do not occupk any space

Solid figures in a square?

There are none.A square is a 2-dimensional object and so there cannot be any 3-dimensional objects in it.

What three-dimensional has 12 edges 6 faces and 8 vertices?

Any quadrilateral parallelopiped has, such as a cube or any other rectangularprism, or anything that you could make out of one of those by squashing it.

What solid geometric figures contain triangles?

3 dimensional figures with triangular sides? Prisms and Pyramids 2 dimensional figures that can be divided into traingles? Any n-gon with n > 3 can be divided into n-2 triangles.

Which words describe a two-dimensional figures?

an parallelogram :) plane figure, any polygon

What does two dimensional means?

Two dimensional means it exist in only two dimensions, length and height. In geometry, some examples of two dimensional figures are; circles, squares, rectangles, and any polygon. The only conventional dimension these figures do not have is depth.

When doing dimensional analysis when do you round to the correct number of significant figures?

The least number of significant figures in any number of the problem determines the number of significant figures in the answer.

What figure has three dimensional?

Any solid figure.

What ia path of a three-dimensional shape?

A 3-dimensional shape need not have any path.

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