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more than a million

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Q: Are there more or less than a million earthworms in a hectare of farm land?
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How can you use 'hectare' in a sentence?

I bought a two hectare block of land last year.

A farm layout for 20 hectare land?

Depends on what type of farm, what you're raising, and how you're raising it. Sustainability and productivity should be your main goals. See Permaculture for more details.

How much area a hectare cover?

A hectare is 10,000 square meters of land.

How much land in the Philippines is arable?

The Philippines has a total land area of 299,404 square kilometers or approximately 30 million hectares. Around 33 percent of the total land area is arable. That translates to 9.3 million hectares of arable land. A hectare is 10,000 square meters.

How many acres in Texas are farm land?

Approximately 130.4 million acres.

Are there any farms in the US?

There were 2.2 million acres of farm land in 2007, with an average size of 418 acres per farm.

How many farms does Manitoba have?

Manitoba haves 18.8 million acres of farm land

How much km is 1 ha?

A kilometer is a measure of distance and a hectare is a measure of area. However, you want to know how many km2 in one hectare. A kilometer is 1,000 meters, so a square kilometer is 1,000,000 m2. A hectare is 10,000 m2. So, there are 0.01 km2 in one hectare. Most of the time it is stated the other way around 100 ha = 1 km2. I might add that hectare is a convenient measurement of small plots of farm land for sale, 100 by 100 m square.

What is the collective nouns for land?

Examples of collective nouns for the noun land are:an acre of landa hectare of landa plot of landa tract of land

How much is one hectare of land?

10,000 sq. meters

How many acres of land are there in 1.231 hectare?

3.0418672 acres.

How many acres of land are there in 1.67 hectare?

4.12666 acres.

What can erosion destroy?

Farm land Farm land

How many animals live on a farm?

That depends on how many animals that that farm can support and how much land that farm occupies. It also depends on what type of animals are on a farm. Some farms may only have a couple animals, whereas others who have much more land may have close to a million or more.

What does the mathematical term hectare mean?

Hectare is a measure of land in square meters. It's a little less than two and a half acres.

A metric unit of land?

a dunam= 1000m2 a hectare= 10 dunam

What is a land area?

An acre. A hectare. A square kilomere. A square mile.

What is the synonym of acre?

.4046 Hectare acreage land plot lot

What animals are land detrivores?

Earthworms would be an example.

Salt affected soils area in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, about 6.30 million hectares of land are salt-affected and of which 1.89 hectare is saline, 1.85 million hectare is permeable saline-sodic, 1.02 million hectare is impermeable saline-sodic and 0.028 million hectare is sodic in nature. It is estimated that out of 1.89 million hectares saline patches, 0.45 million hectares present in Punjab, 0.94 million hectares in Sindh and 0.5 million hectares in NWFP. Out of 19.3 mha area available for farming, irrigated agriculture is practised on about 16 mha. The irrigation water is mainly supplied through the worlds largest canal system arranged through dams. Intensive and continuous use of surface irrigation has altered the hydrological balance of the irrigated areas, specially Indus basin. The substantial rise in the water table has caused salinity and water logging in large areas of Sindh, Punjab, NWFP and Balochistan. The magnitude of the problem can be gauged from the fact that the area of productive land was being damaged by salinity at a rate of about 40000 hectares annually.

Would a hectare of land for beef cattle feed the same number of people as a hectare of wheat?

No. Grazing land for cattle needs much more space than does grain production for the same caloric benefit.

How much of earth land is available for use to grow food crop?

According to David Jackson, an analyst at LMC International Ltd in London, Jackson told Reuters. "In total the amount of land available is roughly 100 million hectares worldwide ... But that's not all going to be developed." And according to Wikipedia, the Hectare is defined by this link:

Why did farming societies control land?

Without land, there is nothing to farm. Societies that did not control land could not farm, and farming societieshad to control land in order to farm.

How many tons of cassava makes an hectare of land?

Tonnes and hectares have no correlation.

What is the measurement abbreviation ha?

Hectare - a land area measurement of about 2.5 acres.