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No. A pool of this size can contain a maximum of 6,000 gallons of water.

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Q: Are there more than 6000 gallons of water in a 4 ft X 16 round pool?
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How many gallons in an 18' x 33' x 4 ft pool?

The amount of water that a 18' x 33' x 4 ft. pool holds is between 5000 and 6000 gallons. It has been reported that a more exact number closer to 6000 gallons.

What is 5555 rounded to the greatest number?

You need to be more specific. 5555 could round to 6000. It could also round to 10,000.

How many gallons of water is needed for a 12 x 36 round pool?

1779 gallons You can find more information on pools here. Steven

Is 5 gallons of water heavier than 5 gallons of sand?

Five gallons of sand would actually weigh more than five gallons of water.

How many gallons in your round pool?

We have no way to know that, since the question neglects to tell us the shape and dimensions of the pool, or how deep the owner has filled it. The only fact of which we may be certain: The deeper the water is in the pool, the more gallons of water the pool contains.

What time did the ancient greek theaters start?

At least 6000. If not, then special police were sent out to round up more citizens.

Which weighs more a cubic foot of water of five gallons of water?

A cubic foot of water contains just under 7.5 gallons of water.

What is the answer if you round 5229 to the nearest thouandth?

5229 to the nearest thousandth is simply 5229. There are no decimals to round. But if you meant "thousand", then it is 5000 because the "229" is below the cutoff of "500" (in which case you would round up). If it were 5500 or more, you would round to 6000.

What is 5524 rounded to the nearest thousand?

6000. 6000 because if you find the place value you want to round and look to the right, its a 5 and if the number is 5 or greater you can round. "Find your place value, look RIGHT next door, 5 or greater add one more, 4 or lower just ignore" (song/poem to rember)

What size of pool pump do you need for a thirty foot round pool?

More info. How many gallons water? What is the size of the filter? Any other factors that you can include? Ken

How many gallons in one acre foot of water?

326,000 gallons More precisely, 325,829 gallons

Does more water mean more density?

No more water does not mean more density. You could have 80 gallons of water but the density will always be the same.

What is the volume of a pool 14' round by 3.5' deep?

I have a 12' above ground round pool that is fillable up to about 29 inches and it holds roughly about 1600 gallons so yours will probably hold more than 2000 gallons.

Is it correct to say serves more than 6000 or serves more then 6000?

It is correct to say "...serves more than 6000..."

30 gallons is how many kilograms?

30 gallons of what? 30 gallons of mercury would weight a lot more than 30 gallons of water or 30 gallons of crude oil.

How big is water?

It depends on what kind of water, because there is gallons, quarts, and more...

How many gallons of water can a tree hold?

A large tree is capable of holding up to 100 gallons of water. A tree can also discharge this water, making room for more.

Which has more calories 1 gallon or 3 gallons?

1 gallon of petrol should have more calories than 3 gallons of distilled water.

How many gallons of water does it take to flush a toilet?

The correct answer is 1.6 gallons per flush for newer more efficient toilets, up to 4 or more gallons per flush for older toilets.

How many pounds is 5 gallons?

Five gallons of paint is heavier than five gallons of water, which is heavier than five gallons of oil, so please be more specific.

How many gallons of water are in a 15 foot by 30 foot pool where the shallow end is 3 feet and the deep end is 6 feet?

well, I figured it out and I would have to say about no more than 2000 gallons 15*30*4.5=2025(apr) I'm sorry Amber, but that is nowhere near the correct answer. If the pool is rectangle/square or freeform there are approximately 15,187.5 gallons of water. If the pool is oval or round there are approximately 11,947.5 gallons of water. To figure this out you multiply your length x width x avg. depth (shallow+deep÷2) x multiplier. Multiplier for rectangle/square/etc. 7.5 Oval or round 5.9

Is more water used when one takes a shower or a bath?

According to the Department of Energy a shower uses more hot water than a bath. They say that 12 gallons of hot water are used in a shower and only 9 gallons in a bath.

Gallons of water to wash a car?

A 6 minute car wash and rinse will use up to 60 gallons of water, you should try steam cleaning its much more water efficient.

How many gallons of water are in a mass of fresh water?

It depends on the size of the mass: a swimming pool will have a greater mass and hold more gallons than a kitchen sink.

What is the weight of 93 UK gallons?

Gallons of what liquid ... oil, gas, water, bleach, etc ... please be more specific.