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Yes, plasma is considered a state of matter.

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Q: Are there more than three states of matter?
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What are the different changes in the states of matter?

The main changes in states of matter are as follows:Solid > Liquid = MeltingLiquid > Gas = Boiling / EvaporationGas > Liquid = CondensationLiquid > Solid = FreezingSolid > Gas = SublimingThere are a lot of other state changes as there are more than three states of matter.

What are the properties of the 4 states of matter and whats there properties?

There are more than four states of matter. Consult an encyclopedia for details.Matter is categorized as a solid, liquid, or gas and the three major properties are the size, volume, and shape.

Are gases more dense than solids?

No, gasses are far less dense that solids. Gasses are the least dense of the three common states of matter.

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What state of matter is oil?

If you mean physical state, than it is liquid. There are three states of matter, mainly solid, liquid and gas.

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Which phase of matter has particles that are moving rapidly and random in addition to being more spaced out than in the other three phases of matter?


Is two more than three?

No, three is more than two.

Can a substance be found in more than one state of matter?

yes they can be found in more than one state of matter

Why is the gravity on Jupiter more than on the moon?

Because of a basic law which states that matter is attracted to matter, the gravitational pull of a body is directly proportional to its mass. Thus, Jupiter, having a larger mass than the moon, has a greater gravitational force.

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What state of matter transmits sound fastest?

Sound travels further and faster in the more dense states of matter. Solids transmit sound faster than liquids or gases.

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Gravity is not matter any more than inertia is.

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