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If you are talking about Pikmin 1 then there is the infected pikmin.

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Q: Are there pikmin of colors other than 5?
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How many Pikmin can you have in Pikmin 2?

It is possible to have as many Pikmin as you want in storage. Other than that, you can have up to 100 total on the field at any given time. This also includes Pikmin still planted in the ground and in the area which you have still not collected yet. by example: I did not collect the blue Pikmin in awakening woods so I have to bring 95 pikmin since there are 5 pikmin running around loose somewhere.

What are the types of Pikmin?

As of Pikmin 2, there are only 5 types of Pikmin: red, blue, yellow, purple, and white. In the original Pikmin, only red, blue, and yellow Pikmin exist. In Pikmin 2, purple and white Pikmin were added to the fray (in addition to the previous three).Here are the Pikmin types:Red Pikmin: The second-strongest Pikmin. They are immune to fire and you start out with them. They are good fighting Pikmin, and you can create more quite easily. They are distinct because of their nose. You begin the game with this type of Pikmin.Blue Pikmin: The water-resistant Pikmin. They are really of no use other than if water is an obstacle. They can also serve as lifesuards and throw other kinds fo Pikmin out of the water. You find them in the Perplexing Pool behind an electric gate. They are distinct because of their mouth.Yellow Pikmin: The electric-resistant Pikmin. They fly high and far, and can reach far and high places easily. Use them for getting treasure in hard to reach places. In the original Pikmin, yellow Pikmin could handle bomb rocks. They are distinct because of their ears.White Pikmin: The poison-resistant Pikmin. They are the smallest and the fastest of the five Pikmin types, and can find buried treasure. They are highly poisonous, and will damage any creature that eats them. They are distinct because of their small stature and beady red eyes.Purple Pikmin: The burly Pikmin. They are so heavy that they stun enemies when they land on them, and count as ten Pikmin when carrying objects. Because of their mass, they are the slowest of Pikmin.The following are technically not Pikmin, but are very similar:Mushroom Pikmin: While they were never given an official name, these appear in the original Pikmin. An enemy called a Puffstool can release spores that turn Pikmin purplish and zombie-like. Mushroom Pikmin attack Olimar, and revert back to regular Pikmin after a certain amount of time.Bulbmin: These can only be found and used in caves in Pikmin 2. Bulbmin are Bulborbs whose minds were taken over by a parasitic species of Pikmin, and thus look like small Bulborbs with leaves sticking out of their heads. They are resistant to fire, water, electricity, and poison, making them very versatile. They cannot be taken with you outside the caves, however. Once you exit, they will stay inside the caves.These are currently the only types of Pikmin. Nintendo has not said that there will be new Pikmin types added to Pikmin 3, but most have agreed that new colors of Pikmin will be made. In the "happy ending" presented in the first Pikmin game, multiple colors of Onions are shown. The Pikmin creators have said they have known what the basic outline of Pikmin 3 will be like since Pikmin one, and thus, it makes sense that the other Onions will be those of new Pikmin in Pikmin 3. They are presumably the next Pikmin colors, but there has been no confirmation.A video with the multiple colored Onions is shown in the related links below.

How many bonus movies are there in Pikmin 2?


How many breeds of pikmin are there?

This question has several answers. It depends how you look at it. There are at least 5: Red, immune to fire, and have slightly better attack than average Yellow, Can be thrown high, carry bomb-rocks, (Pikmin 1) and are immune to elecrticity (Pikmin 2) Blue, Immune to water. Yeah, that's it. White, (Pikmin 2 only) Immune to Poison, and deals damage to enemies when eaten. Can also see underground to dig up extra treasure. Faster than average. Purple, (Pikmin 2 only) Slow, but has high attack power and can stun enemies. Is as strong as 10 Pikmin! Then there are some others: Mushroomin,(Pikmin 1 only) Evil Pikmin infested by a Puffstool Bulbmin (Pikmin 2 only) Underground only, and immune to Fire, Water, Electricity, and Poison!

Will Captain Olimar in Super Smash Bros Brawl?

Yes, He does appear as a Playable character but he doesnt de work without the Pikmins. His special moves are: Normal special move: Pikmin pluck. Pikmins are there in 5 Colors: blue,yellow,red,white and Purple. Side special move: Pikmin throw. Down special move: Pikmin Order.( He brings Pikmins Back to live! ) Up special move: pikmin chain. More Info about Brawl: <>

Where do you get White Pikmin?

All White Pikmin come from Ivory Candypop Buds, which are found in underground caves; you must toss Pikmin into the flowers to transform them into White Pikmin. Each Candypop Bud yields 5 Pikmin before it wilts. You can first find Ivory Candypop Buds in the cave called the White Flower Garden in the Awakening Wood.

Which is better Pikmin or Pikmin 2?

Well, that is a matter of opinion. I personally like Pikmin 2 better because the game is really fun, creative puzzles, great (sometimes scary) caves, and 5 types of pikmin. Also, there is a longer story mode, no 30 day time limit, sprays, and an awesome 2 - player battle mode. The two captain system makes the game a lot more manageable. On the other hand, what makes Pikmin 2 better also makes Pikmin a lot more of a challenge. In pikmin 2 no time passes while you are under ground. This doesn't happen in Pikmin, even in boss fights. The enemies are tougher and the game isn't as easy. Only one captain makes vital multi-tasking more of a challenge. So, I like Pikmin 2 better but Pikmin is also a great game and I recommend checking out both.

Do the Mizuno wave lightning 5 navy silver come in other colors?

The Mizuno wave lightning 5 does come in other colors. These colors include yellow, red, green, black, and silver.

How many types of pikmin are there in pikmin 2?

5, red, yellow, blue, purple and white leaf bulborbs may be included although they can't be kept in onions and are only found in dungeons

How many pikmin can olimar use in Super Smash Bros Brawl?

He can carry up to 5

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What is a water wraith on Pikmin?

The water wraith is a boss in Pikmin 2. He does not appear in the first game at all. He is an extra dimensional creature who will try to kill your pikmin by rolling over them. I recommend searching a picture. In the main story he can be found in the Submerged Castle. He will spawn in the submerged castle on every floor after 5 min. has passed (I think.) He can not be attacked without throwing a Purple pikmin on his back. This will make him take a physical form. Otherwise, he is invincible. The problem is, the submerged castle's entrance is submerged in water so you can't take in Purple pikmin. So if he shows up, you are out of luck. On the final floor, you get Purple pikmin via. candypop bud. Then you can kill it. In challenge mode, 2 of them will appear in the bully den when the clock reaches 270. This time, you are given 25 purple.

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