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Q: Are there sixty seconds in a minute?
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How many seconds are there per minute?

Sixty seconds

What unit of time does sixty seconds equal?

Sixty seconds is equivalent to one minute.

Sixty seconds make?

Sixty seconds will make approximately one minute in time.

How many seconds on venus for a minute?

A minute will be sixty seconds - whether on Venus or elsewhere.

How many seconds are there in 1 minute?


What is the ratio for sixty seconds per minute?


A minute has sixty what?

opportunities or perhaps just seconds.

What do you do when you change minutes to seconds?

Since there are sixty seconds in a minute, you multiply by 60.

What is Sixty thousand millionth of a minute in seconds?

60000/1000000 is 6/100 of a minute. This x60 is 3.6 seconds.

How do you spell seconds in French?

secondes is the seconds word in french. It is the one by sixty of a minute.

What are the release dates for Minute to Win It - 2010 Sixty Seconds to I Do 1-12?

Minute to Win It - 2010 Sixty Seconds to I Do 1-12 was released on: USA: 23 May 2010

How many seconds makes one fifth of a minute?

One minute is sixty (60) seconds, so one fifth of that is twelve (12) seconds.