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Q: Are toxins involved in set point theory?
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What has the author J R Boyd written?

J. R. Boyd has written: 'Introduction to elementary point set theory' -- subject(s): Set theory

What is the difference between classical set theory and fuzzy set theory?

Classical theory is a reference to established theory. Fuzzy set theory is a reference to theories that are not widely accepted.

What has the author Marian Hortense Covington written?

Marian Hortense Covington has written: 'Content and measure of point sets ..' -- subject(s): Set theory, Number theory

Who founded set theory?

Set theory was founded by Georg Cantor in 1873.

What is the importance of set theory in business?

Set theory is the mathematical study of sets. Set theory in business is important because it assists with the operations and planning in a business.

Who does the set theory explain about sets?

Who: Basically, the set theory was developed by Georg Cantor.

Prove the demorgan's laws for crisp set theory?

prove the intersction for crisp set theory

What compact set in set theory?

define compact set?

What does the set theory explain about sets?

The set theory is a branch of mathematics that studies collections of objects called sets. The set theory explains nearly all definitions of mathematical objects.

What has the author Kenneth Kunen written?

Kenneth Kunen has written: 'Inaccessibility properties of cardinals' -- subject(s): Set theory 'Set theory' -- subject(s): Axiomatic set theory

How does the set theory help us?

Modern database applications function using aspects of set theory.

What is the name of the town in The Big Bang Theory?

The Big Bang Theory is set in Pasadena California.