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No - an equivalent fraction to 2/3 would be 16/24.

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Q: Are two-thirds and sixteen twenty-fifths equivalent fractions?
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What are equivalent fractions for four over sixteen?


What are two equivalent fractions to ten out of sixteen?

Although technically there are an infinite number of equivalent fractions, here are the two requested: 5/8 20/32

What are two equivalent fractions to eight twentieths?

sixteen fortieths, and twenty-four sixtieths

What fraction is 62.5 of 8?

62.5 is 1/(16/125), that is one over sixteen-one hundred twentyfifths of 8.

What are all the fractions equivalent to sixteen over twenty - four?

Equivalent fractions are multiples of the reduced fraction. 16/24 reduces to 2/3, so equivalent fractions would include 4/6, 6/9, 8/12, etc. Since you can multiple both the numerator and the denominator by any number, there is an infinite number of equivalent fractions possible.

What are two equivalent fractions to nine sixteenths?

Negative nine over negative sixteen, and eighteen thirty-seconds are both equivalent to nine sixteenths.

What fraction is sixteen fourtyths equivalent to?

It is equivalent to sixteen fortieths - the correct way to spell it.

How do you work out equivalent fractions?

this is how you find equivalent fractions... OK if you have 3 8th as a fraction, you can times 8 by 2 and get sixteen. what ever you do to the bottom you do to the top. so you also times 3 by 2 and get 6. your new fraction is 6 16th. get it? you can times the number by any other number. but i say times it by 2 because it's easier:)

What is the equivalent fraction for sixteen twentieths?


What fraction is equivalent for six - sixteen?

three- eight

What is equivalent to sixteen twenty eight?


What is equivalent to sixteen over three?

5.33... recurring is.