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Not always, sometimes two obtuse triangles are similar and sometimes they are not similar.

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Q: Are two obtuse triangles always similar?
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Are two obtuse triangles sometimes always or never similar?


Two equilateral triangles are sometimes similar?

Two equilateral triangles are always similar!

Can an acute and obtuse triangle be similar?

No. Similar triangles have all the same angles. An acute triangle can never have an obtuse angle, so the two cannot be similar.

Are two isosceles right triangles always similar?


Do two obtuse triangles have to be similar?

No, because they only have the limitations of 91 degrees (lowest obtuse angle) and 179 degrees (highest obtuse angle). Two obtuse angles could be either of them or anything in between.

If the vertex angles of two isosceles triangles are congruent are the triangles always similar?

Yes, they are.

Can triangles have two obtuse angles?

no think about it

Are there triangles with two obtuse angles?

no, it is impossible

Is that true that if two congruents triangles are always similar?


An obtuse triangle is isosceles?

Not always, but it can be. Isosceles triangles have two equal sides and therefore two equal angles. An obtuse triangle has one angle exceeding 90º.

Are two equilateral triangles sometime always or never similar to each other?

Yes, two equilateral triangles are always similar to each other. They have the same number of sides, the same angles and the lengths of the sides between the two triangles are always in the same ratio.

Are two scalene triangles always similar?

yes. they are always the same but a different scale.

How many obtuse triangles are in the jamaican flag?


Are similar triangles always congruent?

No. A triangle is similar to one that is twice its size but the two are not congruent.

Are two triangles always the similar?

Nope. You must know what it means to be similar. It means that ALL three angles are the same between two triangles. That been said, you can take any two random triangles, it's very likely that they are NOT similar.

How many obtuse triangles are one the jamaican flag?


Are two arbitrarily chosen equilateral triangles similar?

Yes. Corresponding angles of the two triangles are always equal, and lengths of corresponding sides are always in the same ratio.

Do all triangles have two acute angles?

INCORRECT: No because there is a obtuse triangle and a right triangleCORRECT ANSWERYes all triangles have at least two acute angles. Obtuse triangles and right triangles also have at least two acute angles. They are called obtuse triangles and right triangles because by definition they are triangles with ONE obtuse angle and ONE right angle. So therefore they both have 2 acute angles. Also for an acute triangle, it would have 3 acute angles.

Does an acute triangle have obtuse angles?

No, an obtuse triangles has one obtuse angle and two acute angles. If a triangle has an obtuse angle, it is considered obtuse and cannot be acute.

What do you call two triangles with proportional sides?

They are said to be similar but not congruent triangles.

Are Two isosceles triangles are sometimes always or never similar to each other?


Can you always cut a right triangle into two congruent triangles?

Similar, YES. Congruent, NO.

Some triangles have two obtuse angles and one acute angle?

Spherical triangles as on the earth's surface.

What is the triangles name if two of the angles are 15 and 47 degrees?


How do you classify triangles in two different ways?

Triangles are classed as: scalene, right angle, obtuse, isosceles and equilateral