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Sometimes. Remember, in order for two polygons to be similar, their angles must be congruent, and their corresponding sides must be proportional. In a rhombus, it is always possible for the angles to differ.

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Q: Are two rhombuses always-sometimes or never similar?
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Is this statement alwayssometimes or never true. the LCM of two numbers is the product of the two numbers?

sometimes true

What will always be similar a two different squares b two different rectangles c two different rhombuses d two different parallelograms?

a) two different squares

Are no rhombuses trapezoids?

Correct. Trapezoids have two opposite sides that are unequal in length, unlike rhombuses.

Are there any trapezoids that are also rhombuses?

yes - all the rhombuses. By definition a trapezoid has two parallel sides, a rhombus also has two parallel sides - because both pairs of opposite sides are parallel. So all rhombuses are trapezoids (but not all trapezoids are rhombuses)

When are two ellipses similar?


Which common quadrilaterals have two lines of symmetry?

Rhombuses and Rectangles

Are rhombuses special parallelograms?

Yes. A parallelogram has two pairs of equal sides, but in a rhombus all the sides are equal.(similar situation: a square is a special kind of rectangle)

What shape does two litlle rhombuses make?

Two Rhumbuses Make up a parrellogram.

How many tan rhombuses does it takes to cover a rhombus?

two 2

Are two cones sometimes similar?

Nope they are never similar, just like snowflakes.

Are two regular octagons always sometimes or never similar?

never ever ever

Is two squares always sometimes or never similar?


Are two hexagons always sometimes or never similar?


Are two congruent pentagons either always sometimes and never similar?

If they are congruent they must be similar.

What do rhombuses and rectangles have in common?

Four sides, two pairs of parallel sides

Are two obtuse triangles sometimes always or never similar?


Why are rhombuses a parallelogram?

Because they have four sides that comprise two pairs of parallel sides.

What are figures that have two lines of symmetry?

Rectangles and Rhombuses (have at least 2 lines of symmetry).

Does a rhombus have two pairs of parallel sides?

Yes! A rhombuses opposite sides are parrallel

What quadrilaterals have two pairs of congruent sides?

Parallelograms Rhombuses Rectangles Squares

Which two Quadrilaterals have 2 pair of parallel sides?

Parallelograms (including rectangles and squares) and Rhombuses.

Are Two isosceles triangles are sometimes always or never similar to each other?


Are all parallelograms rhombuses?

A scarf is a triangle with two perpendicular sides that are the same length.Which two terms describe the triangular scarf?

Can an acute and obtuse triangle be similar?

No. Similar triangles have all the same angles. An acute triangle can never have an obtuse angle, so the two cannot be similar.

The statement two parallelograms are similar is always never or sometimes true?

It is sometimes true that two parallelograms are similar. The could be congruent, or dissimilar in that one is not an enlargement of the other.