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Q: Are we required to report dividends less than 10?
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If you are a student and you only have reinvested dividends are you required to file and pay taxes?

It depends on your income. Your dividends will already have had basic rate of tax removed from them and if your income is less than your tax threshold allowance you could actually reclaim this tax. If you are unsure you should file a tax statement as it is YOUR legal duty to pay any tax you owe.

Could Cash flows from assets will always be less than cash lows from financing due to dividends?


Why does the value of a share depend on dividends?

One of the most commonly made mistakes is that people relate the dividends paid to the financial health of the company. Let me say that more dividends paid does not mean comapny is doing good and vice versa. Generally, if the company pays less dividend because it requires that money for a new project which in turn will add to company growth. Thus stock price increases. If company does not have any new projects and still cut on dividends than stock price may go down. In short, if company can grow faster than the markets than it should give less dividends. However, if company is growing slower than the markets than it should give more dividends so that people can invest in markets and earn more. If comapny does not follow this logic than its stock price reduces.

Make a generalization about dividends and quotients for whole numbers?

The quotient for whole numbers will always be less than or equal to the dividend. It will never be more.

What is the max you can win before paying taxes?

50 cents -- because you are allowed to round to the nearest dollar. You have to report winnings of any amount. You may not receive a 1099 or W-2G if you win less than a certain amount, but you are required to report it and pay taxes regardless.

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Your income is less than 12 000 should I declare taxes?

Yes you would be required to file a 1040 federal and state income tax return to report your income for the tax year.

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A shortsale will report as Settled for Less than the Full Balance and will stay on your credit report for 7 years.

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