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With out knowing the amperage rating of the panel, an answer can not be given.

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Q: Are you 380 volt panel what size cable use?
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Can you run 480 volt motors in a 380 volt system?

Can I run 480 volt , 60 HZ motor at a 380 volt , 60 Hz system?

Can you run 220 volt motor compressor a 380 volt supply using power inverter?

No 380 volts is too wide a spread to use a 220 volt motor on.

What will be the cable size for 80 amp load if the phase to phase voltage is 380 volts 3 phase?

#4 thhn wire

Can you run 220 volt appliances off a 380 volt supply?

you could use a step down transformer if you had no other option. but the best thing to do is run a 220 feed directly from the fuse panel Step down transformers get very hot and do not last forever

What is the size of XL PE cable for 380 Volts in 125 KW motor?

If it's a 380 v 3-phase supply, the current is up to 300 amps which could be supplied over a short distance by XLPE cable with 70 sq. mm cross-section conductors.

How do you get a 380 volt 3 phase motor to run on a 220 volt 3 phase power source?

Use a transformer.

Can run 380 volt motors to 220 volt supply?

Yes just connect any line to neutral you have 230volts already.

How do you get a 220 volt 3 phase from a 380 volt 3 phase generator?

you have to provide transformer that capable to handle the 380v in to a 220v.

How do you get a 220 volt single phase from 380 volt 3phase synchrounos generator?

380 volts 3-phase has 380 volts between the lines but 220 volts between any line and the neutral. So the generator can give three separate 220 v single-phase supplies.

How do you get 380 volt from 220 3 phase?

Only with a 3 phase transformer.

What power is a 380 amp car battery in volts?

It will be a 12 volt battery.

Can you collect one 220 volt phase from a 380 volt three phase plug?

Answer for UK and countries running a 50 Hz supply service.The voltage potential of 380 volts is not common to North America.It will probably be difficult to tap into the plug to get the voltage.If you have a three phase 380 volt supply from a source then you can obtain a single phase voltage of 220 volts from it. 220/380 is a wye voltage connection. 380 divided by 1.73 will give you 220 volts. L1 - N = 220V, L2 - N =220V, L3 - N = 220V. L1 - L2 = 380, L2 - L3=380, L3 - L1 = 380.

Can a 380 volt 3 phase motor work on 415 volt 3 phase?

The difference is less than 10% so there should be no problem.

How connect a transformer 380 volt 3 pH to 220 volt mono pH?

any one of the three line to neutral is 220 volts

What size bullet does a Lorin 380 use?

9x17mm, otherwise known as the .380 ACP.

How get 220 volt single phase from 380 volt 3 phase?

In a wye connection 220 volts is the line to neutral voltage of 380 volts. 380/1.73 = 220. The voltage of 220 volts will appear between L1 - N, L2 - N and L3 - N. All of these connections are classified as single phase connections.

How do you run a 460 volt 60Hz motor with 380 volt 50Hz power?

You simply connect the 460 / 60 motor, to the 380 / 50 supply. The key is something called the V/F ratio. (voltage to frequency ratio). Doing the math, 460 volt divided by 60 Hz equals 7.6 volts per Hz. By the same example 380 volts divided by 50 Hz is also 7.6 Volts/Hz. A bit of further math (460/380) shows the there is a difference of 1.21 : 1 between the voltages. So basically. divide your 460 motor power, speed, etc by 1.21 and you'll get the new values of the 460 motor running on 380 volt.

Where is the fuse panel on a 1982 Mercedes 380 sl?

fuse panel is on rhs footwell near the accellerator on rhd models

Can you step up 220 volt AC to 380 volt AC with transformer?

Yes, this is called a step up transformer and this is the prime purpose of using transformers.

Why phase to phase voltage is 380?

let me clear difference between phase voltage and line voltage. phase voltage is measure line to neutral and line voltage is measure line to line.there is correct answer that 380 volt is sum of multiply of square root 3 to phase voltage 220 volt.phase volt line volt220 volt x 1.732 = 381 volt230 volt x 1.732 = 400 volt240 volt x 1.732 = 415 voltM. Asif ALi

Can a 380 volt motor run on 400 volts?

If the voltage difference is less than 5% there should be no problem.

Would a 15 kva 380 volt generator be big enough to run a house with a 60 amp breaker 380 volts?

A 15 KVA - Generator operating at 380 Volts can cater to only 22.79 Amps. It cannot cater to a 60 Amps breaker

How many amps per phase will a 45 Kw 380 volt unit use?

78 amps per phase

How do you change 380 volts to 220 volts?

One method is to use an auto transformer and use the 220 volt tap.

Is a sig sauer 380 hand gun better than a Ruger 380?

You don't define what "better" means to you. Price? Size?