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if there are 6 numbers, 1 thru 6, they have equal probabilities

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Q: Are you more likely to spin 3 odd numbers or 3 even numbers?
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I presume you meant to say an odd number or an even number, and that the spin is the spin of a roulette wheel. There are an equal number of odd and even numbers in the range 0 to 35, but the 00 makes even more likely. Unfortunately, I don't think the casinos count 00 as either odd or even. So if you bet all your money on odd and even equally, you will lose money in the long run because both bets lose when a 00 comes up.

What is the probability of spinning an even number all four times?

That depends on the numbers you can spin.

Are you more likely to spin an ood number or even number?

The answer will depend on the spinner, its shape, the number of sides, what numbers are on those sides.The answer will depend on the spinner, its shape, the number of sides, what numbers are on those sides.The answer will depend on the spinner, its shape, the number of sides, what numbers are on those sides.The answer will depend on the spinner, its shape, the number of sides, what numbers are on those sides.

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More space?

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the spin quantum number has only two possible values__(+ 1/2 & -1/2)

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Hard Boiled eggs spin because are more dense or is it because they are less dense?

It actually has nothing to do with density. In an uncooked egg, the amniotic fluid inside continues to spin even when you have stopped the whole egg from spinning. Hence, when you let go again, the momentum of the amniotic fluid makes the egg spin once more. Hope this helps!

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