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A projectile has minimum speed at the top of the trajectory.

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Q: At what part of the trajectory does a projectile have minimum speed?
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At what part of a path does a projectile have minimum speed?

The projectile have minimum speed when it is in top of prabolic and it have max sped when it is in intial point

How does ballistic refer to projectile motion?

The term ballistic refers to the trajectory or path taken by a projectile. Normally it refers to that part of a projectiles flight that is unpowered and unguided except by the forces of gravity and (if applicable) air resistance.

What is mathematics shot discreption?

A shot is a projectile. That is, a massive body that is launched with an input of force but which, unlike a rocket, has no further energy input. In mechanics, its trajectory is usually calculated on the assumption that the only force acting on the projectile, after its launch, is the force of gravity. That is, aerodynamics do not play a part.

What part of speech is trajectory?

The word trajectory is a noun. The plural form is trajectories.

What is the projectile part of the cartridge that hits the target called?

The projectile is called a bullet.

At what part of the trajectory does a projectile have maximum speed?

The maximum speed of a fired projectile, unless fired downward in a vacuum, is the muzzle velocity - this is when the propulsive acceleration ceases. Ignoring air resistance, the projectile would maintain its horizontal velocity, while gravity would first reduce then restore the vertical component. Terminal velocity, the maximum possible atmospheric speed, is determined by mass, gravity, air density, and projectile shape, as gravitic acceleration is slowed by air resistance.

What part of projectile motion is affected by gravity?

The vertical component is.

Which part of projectile motion is affected by gravity?

The vertical component of it is.

Can being hit by a snowball cause blindness?

Yes. Virtually any projectile is capable of blinding pending on the part of the head you hit, the density and hardness of the object and the speed with which you throw it.

Projectile following a parabolic path on a circle?

A projectile doesn't follow a circular path. It follows a parabolic path. No part of a circle has the same shape as any part of a parabola. They're different curves.

What part of speech is minimum?

The word minimum is a noun. It refers to the lowest limit.

What is the minimum wage for part time workers?

The minimum wage is determined by the state. In the state of North Carolina, the minimum wage for both full and part time individuals is $7.25.

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