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Say the average month has 30 days, and 24 hours in a day then 30*24 = 720.

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Q: Average hours in average month?
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Average number of hours per month?

The average number of days in a month is around 30.4. With 24 hours in a day, this is an average of about 730 hours per month.

90 months equals to how many hours?

A month isn't a set number of hours, since its days range from 28 to 31. So you have to find an average month. An average year is 365.25 days long (since we have leap years every four years), so an average month is 365.25 / 12 which is 30.4375 days. Since a day has 24 hours, an average month is 730.5 hours, so 90 months is 65,745 hours.This is only for an average month though, so it really depends on which months you're counting!

750 hours equal to how many months?

The average month is 30.4375 days. 750 hours is 31.25 days. So 750 hours is 1.0267 average months.

How many hrs are in a month?

Days vary month by month but the average is 30 days. Roughly 720 hours.

How many hours does an average American eat in their lifetime?

Untill they are full. Average is about an hour a day, so 7 hours a week, 30/1 a month, and 365 hours a year.

How much does an average person make in one month babysitting?

it depend on how many hours they work that month

How many hours does the average pilot work?

An average airline pilot will fly around 70-80 hours a month. Not too shabby. B/R, Vanessa

How many daily hours of sunlight does Kelowna British Columbia average each month?

2 hours

How many minutes in a month on average?

On average a month has 302400 minutes.

An employee worked 160.5 hours in May 165.75 hours in June and 152.25 hours in July. What was the average number of hours he worked each month?

(160.5 + 165.75 + 152.25) ÷ 3 = 159.5 is the average hours worked.

How many months are in 1250 hours?

We can solve this using some basic time knowledge:There are 24 hours in one dayThere are 30 days in one month (as an average)Using that information we can find the amount of hours in a month.24 hours/day x 30 days/month = 720 hours/monthNow we know that a month contains 720 hours, on average. A simple division problem should yield our final answer.1250 hours ÷ 720 hours/month = 1.74 monthsSo, there are 1.74 months in 1250 hours.

How many kilo watt hours does the average home use per month?

About 800.

How much time does the average American spend per month in church?

The average American who attends church, spends about 4.5 hours there per month. This is usually during Sunday or Wednesday mass.

What are the Average minutes per employee per month?

40 hours per week = 10,400 minutes per month

What is the average amount of hours a teacher works per day?

8 hours on average 8 hours on average

Average work hours per month?

The average full-time job requires at least 40 hours a week. However, there are some jobs that require much more time than that.

What is the average height of a 32 month old?

average height for 32 month boy

What is the average mortgage payment per month in the average American household?


What is a millon watt-hours?

A million watt-hours is a thousand kilowatt-hours. That's about how much electricity the average US household uses in a month.

How many daily hours of sunlight does Minnesota average each month?

On a good year, typically about 2 or 3 hours annually.

How much does the average Ghanaian make per month?

The average Ghanian makes €1.23 a month.

What is the average salary of a Cuban?

The average wage at the end of 2005 was 334 regular pesos per month ($16.70 per month) and the average pension was $9 per month

What is the average amount of electricity utilized per month?

The average amount of electricity for 2 people is156 kWh's on average per month

How long is an average lunar month?

it is on average 29 days

How much electricity does the average home use in a day?

100$ 920 kw hours per month