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5 Baskets have 2 Apples 2 Baskets have 3 Apples 1 Basket has 4 apples ......................................... 4 Baskets have 3 Apples 4 Baskets have 2 Apples

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Q: Baskets20 apples need to be put into 8 baskets no more than 4 apples can be in a basketno fewer than 2 apples can be in the basketshow more than 2 way?
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846 apples are divided into 6 baskets how many are there in 4 baskets?

If the apples are divided evenly into six baskets, then there are 564 apples in four baskets. 846 / 6 = 141 apples per basket 4 x 141 = 564 apples

At Adam apple orchard 387 apples must be placed in baskets that hold 12 apples how many baskets will be neede to complete the task?

Good Afternoon. 387 apples into how many baskets, holding 12 apples in each basket??. 387 divided by 12 apples............. gives you an answer of......... 32 full baskets.. and 1 additional basket of 3 apples.. thus, to prove that the math is correct. 32 baskets x 12 apples, gives you a total of 384 apples...and the 33rd basket will hold only 3 ( three ) apples. ..thus, a total of 387 apples.

At Adams apple orchard 387 apples must be placed in baskets that hold 12 apples how many baskets will be needed to complete the task?


Each basket contains 25 apples. How many full baskets needed for 110 apples?

4 full baskets and one only part-full.

Jack picked 180 apples he has 5 baskets how many apples should he put in each basket?

36 apples in each basket

How many apples will be in 58 baskets if there are four in one basket?


Mrs baker bought 5 baskets of apples that have 12 apples in each basket she decides to share the apples with the 28 students in her class how many apples will each student receive?

2.15. apples each

How do you write a number of apples divided into 12 baskets in algebraic expression?

easy a dived 12

How many apples should she remove from both baskets to find the value of z?

she should remove 10 from both

Alyssa is preparing identical fruit basketsThere are 36 oranges and 60 apples to use for the blanketsWhat is the greatest number of fruit baskets she can prepare using all of the oranges and apples?


There are 7 baskets of apples, and each bucket has 6 apples in them, how many apples there is in total?

42 apples in each baskets.

Starbucks gift baskets are considered impressive why?

Starbucks Gift Baskets are impressive because it includes items such as apples and oranges as well as a variety of bags of coffees. This makes an ideal way to say thank you in an impressive style.