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387 apples into how many baskets, holding 12 apples in each basket??.

387 divided by 12 apples............. gives you an answer of.........

32 full baskets.. and 1 additional basket of 3 apples..

thus, to prove that the math is correct. 32 baskets x 12 apples, gives you a total of 384 apples...and the 33rd basket will hold only 3 ( three ) apples.

..thus, a total of 387 apples.

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Q: At Adam apple orchard 387 apples must be placed in baskets that hold 12 apples how many baskets will be neede to complete the task?
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At Adams apple orchard 387 apples must be placed in baskets that hold 12 apples how many baskets will be needed to complete the task?


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