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The usual form for the area of a trapezoid is (average of the parallel sides) x height.

If only the lengths of the sides are given, then calculation of the area requires trigonometry and multiple solutions are possible.

Often, teachers will give a problem like this showing the two unequal parallel sides and two unequal, non-parallel sides with a diagram showing that one of the sides is perpendicular to the parallel sides. That side length would be the height.

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Q: Calculate area of trapezium two parallel and two non parallel sides are given?
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How many parallel sides has a trapezium?

How many parallel sides has a trapezium?

Does trapezium have parallel sides?

A trapezium has two parallel sides (of unequal length) and two non-parallel sides.

What special name is given to a trapezium whose 2 non-parallel sides are equal?

It is an isosceles trapezium

How many parallel sides does the trapezium have?

A trapezium has only one pair of parallel sides

What are the characteristics of a trapezium?

has two parallel sideshas four straight linesThe area of the trapezium is given by the following formula where a and b are the lengths of the parallel sides and h is the perpendicular distance between the parallel sides.

How do you find the parallel sides of trapezium if we know the area and the length?

A trapezium has a pair of parallel sides of different lengths so in order to find its 2nd parallel side the information given must include its height.

How do you find the length of sides of trapezium?

Which side lengths? To calculate the parallel sides, you need the height of the trapezium and one of the sides, and you substitute them into the formula: h(a + b)/2, where h = height, a and b are the parallel side lengths. If you want to find the sides that are not parallel, you need the parallel sides, as well as the height of the trapezium. Then, by using Pythagoras theorem, with the side length the hypotenuse, you can find their lengths.

What is the formaula for the area of a trapezium?

If the two parallel side of the trapezium are a and b and height of the trapezium (the distance between the parallel sides) is h then the area is given by:Area = 1/2 (a + b) x hHalf the sum of the lengths of the parallel sides times the distance between them.

Is a trapezium a parallelogram?

No. A parallelogram has two pairs of parallel sides. The trapezium has only one pair of parallel sides. (This applies the definition of a trapezium as a 4-sided figure with exactlytwo parallel sides.)

Does a trapezium have any equal sides?

It can do. The non-parallel sides of an isosceles trapezium will be equal. Also, one of the non-parallel sides could be equal to one of the parallel sides.

Does a trapezium have parallel?

A trapezium has 1 pair of opposite parallel sides of different lengths

What is a quadrilateral with 2 parallel sides and 2 sides that are not parallel?