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i meant pen

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Q: Can you cut a pan in half with a mask?
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can you cut a pen in half with a mask?

No,but how can you cut it using a mask?

What do men where to a mask ball?

i suppose a tuxedo and a phantom of the opera style mask ( a plain white mask that covers all of your face but cut in half verticaly)

How do you make a Chris Fehn Mask?

Chris m. Fehn used a "Liar mask" cut in half, sewn together, zip added, he also sew the chin, cut the eyellids off and added sewing where it ripped throughout the year, he also added straps and he uses a leather bondage hood under it... this is the s/t mask.. his new mask(s) are custom made from what i belive

Why does the Phantom Mask appear full on the logo but half in the musical?

They originally intended it to be a full mask but later changed into a half mask.

What are these masks called that cover half of your face?

a mask that covers half your face is called a mascare mask

How do you make a mask out of a styrofoam ball?

The one I've seen is a Mardi Gras mask. Cut a paper plate in half. Glue (or staple) a craft stick to the lower corner of the flat side. Cut a slot to look through. Cut a 3" (or so) Styrofoam ball in half, glue glitter or paint with glitter paint, glue to paper plate just above the slot, as two eyes. Hold mask in front of face. If desired, paint or glue other face features on mask. Staple two craft pipe cleaners to the top of the mask as antenna.I have also heard that some people use a large Styrofoam ball as a base to make a papermache mask, which is then removed.See also, "How do you make a mask out of a sheet of Styrofoam?"

Can you have a twf mask?

Yes.use TWF mask maker to print out a mask and have 4 thumb-sized masks to cut!

Is the greek god pan a man or woman?

Pan was a satyr (half man half goat)

How do you convert a recipe that fits into a 9 by 13 pan down to a 8 by 8 pan?

A 9 x 13 x 2 baking pan has a volume of 15 cups, an 8 inch square pan holds 8 cups. You will have to cut the directions in half at least and still have a little batter left over.

What difference in size is a 9x9 pan compared to a 9x13 pan?

A 9x9 pan is a bit more than half the size of a 9x13 pan, but in home baking it is used as half the size of the 9x13. So a recipe written for a 9x9 pan is doubled to fill a 9x13 pan.

What shape do you get when you cut a pentagon in half?

when you cut a pentagon in half you create a trapizoid

Who is Michael Myers mask?

The Michael Myers mask is actually a mask of William Shatner that was spray painted with the eye holes cut larger.

Can you cut apo-cyclobenzaprine 10 mg in half?

I read the info sheet on this drug as I wanted to cut them in half and it did not say not to cut them in half and I have used them cut in half. call your pharmacy to make sure .

What is the purpose of a browine pan?

The purpose of a brownie pan is to make a brownie perfect size and cut it (if you want to cut it). Then you can eat the delicious brownie.

How long should spaghetti squash cook?

Show me a picture Cut in half, remove the seeds. Then place it cut side down in a pan and put about a half inch of water in the pan. Bake about 350 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes. Then scrape the insides with a fork into a bowl. The bowl of squash will look like a bowl of yellow spaghetti. You can also use the microwave, but it will still take 20 to 30 minutes until it is soft enough to scrape.

What do you put on the bottom of a cake pan to make it flip out easily?

PAM for baking The cake will never stick if you first grease the bottom of the pan, then line the bottom of the pan with either parchment paper or wax paper, grease the pan again and then flour it. To line with parchment, fold a large piece of wax paper in half (this is to line two pans the same size), then place the cake pan on top, trace around the outside of the cake pan and cut out along the traced lines. Since the parchment is folded in half, you will have 2 circles to place in the cake pans.

How are some of the US then divied?

cut in half cut in half

What is cut fruit?

When a fruit is cut in half, roughly half.

What is the name of a half mask?

a loup

Who is the Earth god of woods and fields half man and half goat?

Pan. Wierd right? Pan. Wierd right?

Why was the god pan half goat half man?

Before Pan was a god he was a satyr which is a mythological creature that is half man and half goat. Once he became a god he kept his earthly form.

If you have half of something and you cut it in half again what fraction do you then get?

If you have half of something and you cut it in half again, you get the fraction of 1/4.

Who is Pan of the Greek myths?

Pan is the god of all satyr's. Satyrs were half human half goat. They belived that they would find pan the missing god. (Satyrs aren't real)

Did Darth maul get cut in half?

Yes, he did. He was cut in half at the waist.

Why is half of the phantom of the opera white?

He is wearing a mask that covers half of his face.