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Yes, it can be simplified into 4x.

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Q: Can 3x plus x be simplified?
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What is -5 plus -3x plus -x plus 16 simplified?

-5 + -3x + -x + 16-4x + 11

What is 7 plus x plus x?

It is: x+4+2x-7 = 3x-3 simplified

What is 2x-x plus 6x-3x?

It is an expression that can be simplified to 4x

What is the answer for 3x plus 2 minus x?

It can be simplified to: 2x+2

2 x plus 3 x?

If you mean: 2x+3x then it is simplified to 5x

What is x plus 4 plus 2x-7?

It is: x+4+2x-7 = 3x-3 simplified

What is the answer to -2x-5y plus 3x-7y?

The given expression can be simplified to: x-12y

What property is 3x plus 12 plus x?

They are terms of an expression which can be simplified to 4x+12 or factored to 4*(x+3)

What is the answer to -3x plus 9x?

-3x+9x can be simplified to 6x

3x-6x plus 2?

It is: 2-3x simplified

5x plus 3x-6x plus 4x plus 2x-x plus 10 what the coeffiecient of x?

5x+3x-6x+4x+2x-x+10 This expression can be simplified to: 7x+10 (7 being the coefficient of x)

What property is ( 3x - 2x) plus 2y plus 2?

It is an expression of terms that can be simplified to: x+2y+2

Find the common factorn of 2x plus x-3?

2x+x-3 can be simplified to 3x-3

What is 3x-5x plus x2-6x2 simplified?

(3x - 5x) + (x2 - 6x2) = -2x -5x2 = -x(2 + 5x)

What is 6x - 4y -3x plus y simplified?


What is the answer of 6x-10-3x plus 8?

It is: 3x-2 simplified

What is 5(-4) plus 3x?

It is an expression that can be simplified to: 3x-20

How do you factor this Y equals xยณ plus 3xยฒ - 10x-24 and Y equals -xยณ -6xยฒ-3x plus 10?

It can be simplified in the form of: 2x3+9x2-7x-34 = 0

What is 4(2x-4) plus 3(x plus 5x)-3x?

It is an algebraic expression that can be simplified to: 23x-16

What is x if x-4 plus 3x-1014?

The given expression can be simplified to 4x-1018 and the value of x is an unknown variable.

What is this expression but simplified 3x minus 4y minus x plus 6y plus 2 plus 4x?

Collect like terms: 3x - x + 4x - 4y + 6y + 2 = 6x + 2y + 2

What is 5 x equals 2 equals 3 x plus 8?

Question isn't clear.... If the question is 5x + 2 = 3x + 8 then.... Subtract 2 and 3x from each side: 5x - 3x + 2 - 2 = 3x - 3x + 8 - 2 simplified is 2x = 6 simplified even more x = 3

What is the answer to 3x plus 11 plus 5x75?

3x + 11 + 5*75 = 3x + 386. That is as far as the expression can be simplified.

What is x plus 2xx plus 4?

X+2X2+4= just that. can't be simplified. however... X+2X+4= 3X+4 errr, is that what you meant?

What is -9 divided by 3x?