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To totally cross the bridge the train must travel (850m + 150m) 1 km.

1 km in 100 seconds is 10 m/s

roughly 20 mph, so the answer is yes, with ease.

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Q: Can A 150 m long train crosses a bridge that is 850 m long in 100 seconds What is the total distance traveled by the train What is the speed of the train?
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A train of certain length travelling with a uniform speed of 36kmhr crosses a bridge of 600m in 80 secfind the length of the train?

200m. Here's the work:The speed of the train in meters per second is:(36km/hr)(1000m/km) / (3600s/hr) = 10 m/sIf it takes 80 seconds to cross, then the distance traveled in 80s at 10m/s is:(10m/s)(80s) = 800mNow, imagine this:The front end of the train travels 800 meters from the time it reaches the bridge until the back end is clear of the bridge. This means that the length of the train equals the distance traveled minus the length of the bridge.So:800m - 600m = 200mThe train is 200m long.

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