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Yes they can: 45 degrees each.

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Q: Can Two angles can be complementary and equal?
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Two angles that equal 90 degrees?

complementary angles.

If the sum of any two or four angles equal 90 degree are the angles complementary?

Yes, the angles are complementary.

Can Two angles cannot be equal if they are complementary?

If your question is "Can two complimentary angles be equal" then the answer is yes. If both angles are 45*, then they are complimentary and equal.

How much does a complementary angle equal too?

Its simple ! A complementary angle is equal to 90 degrees . Also if the sum of two angles at a same point is equal to 90 degrees they are said to be complementary angles.

What are two angles that add to equal 90 degrees?

They are known as complementary angles.

What are two angles that the sum of their measures equal 90 degrees?

They are complementary angles

If two angles are complementary to the same angle then they are what?

equal to each other

How do you use complementary angles in a math sentence?

We were to measure the complementary angles in the drawing.I found the complementary angles to be of equal lengths.

When two angles added together equal ninety degrees they are said to be?

Two angles are called complementary angles if the sum of their degree measurements equals 90 degrees. One of the complementary angles is said to be the complement of the other.

Can two equal angles be complementary if so what is the value of each angle?


What are the two complementary angles?

There is an infinite number of complementary angles. Complementary angles are all angles that add up to 90 degrees, such as two 45 degree angles.

Can three angles be complementary?

No only two angles can be complementary