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equal to each other

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Q: If two angles are complementary to the same angle then they are what?
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Do complementary angles have to have the same vertex?

No, complementary angles do not need to have the same vertex. Complementary angles are comprised of any two angles whose sum is 90 degrees. The definition of a complementary angle does not say that it needs to have the same vertex.

What states that if two angles are complements of the same angle then the two angles are congruent?

Complementary angles are those that add up to 90° Thus all angles complementary to a given angle must all be the same angle (90° - the_given_angle), ie they are all congruent angles.

Two angles whose sum is 90 degrees?

two angles whose sum is 90 degrees is a complementary angle.

How much does a complementary angle equal too?

Its simple ! A complementary angle is equal to 90 degrees . Also if the sum of two angles at a same point is equal to 90 degrees they are said to be complementary angles.

Which term describes two adjacent angles that form a right angle?

Complimentary angles

What is Congruent Complements Theorem?

ANSWERIf two angles are complementary to the same angle (or to two congruent angles), then the two angles are congruent.< means "Angle".Hypothesis:

What is the definition of Complementary Angles?

If two angles add up to 90 degrees, a right angle that is known as a Complementary Angle. The angles do not have to meet to be considered a Complementary Angle. This is a term that is used in math.

Can two angles of a right triangle be complementary?

The two angles, other than the right angle itself, MUST be complementary.

What kind of angle is formed when you have two complementary angles?

Kurt Angle.

What do you call two supplementary angles?

a complementary angle

The sum of two angles is 90 the angles are?

Complementary and form a right angle

What are complimentary angles?

A complementary angle is the angle that would create a right angle when added on to the original angle. So, if you had an angle of 60o, the complementary angle would be 30o