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It's possible for any number of intersecting lines to all be tangent to the same circle.

Think of a dinner plate sitting in a Pizza box that just exactly fits it. Looking straight

down from above, it looks like a circle inside a square. All four sides of the square

are tangent to the circle.

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Q: Can Two intersecting lines both be tangents?
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What are two intersecting lines and a third line that intersects both lines?

a triangle

Can two intersecting lines lie in two planes?

If they are straight lines, then they define a plane in which both lines lie.

What is a tangent intersecting the segment joining the centers of the two circles?

They are the common tangents to the circles.

Can you arrange lines in a plane so there both parallel and intersecting?

no. its impossible. Parallel mean lines that never touch. unless you have more than two lines. than you can make two parallel and or more intersecting them both.

Two lines in intersecting planes are skew.?

Two lines in two intersecting planes can be parallel, intersecting, or skew.

Is intersecting lines always coplanar?

Yes. The two lines define a plane which they both belong to.

Draw two intersecting lines but not perpendicular?

draw two intersecting lines that are not perpendicular

Do intersecting lines ever cross?

Intersecting lines are two lines that cross in a coordinate plane. So, yes, intersecting lines cross.

Can two lines exist that are not intersecting or parallel?

Yes, they can be two existing lines (not intersecting) and it can be parallel.

Can two lines be both parallel and intersecting?

Not normally unless the parallel lines are intersected by a transversal line

What are two intersecting lines called?

Either perpendicular lines if the lines create 90o angles or intersecting lines.

Two intersecting lines but not perpendicular?

Non-perpendicular intersecting lines. There is no special name.