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Yes, they can be two existing lines (not intersecting) and it can be parallel.

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Q: Can two lines exist that are not intersecting or parallel?
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Can two lines exist that are not intersecting or parallel explain your answer?

In 2D, NO! In 3D, Yes.

When are two lines non-intersecting?

Parallel lines

Are two intersecting lines are parallel?

No, they aren't, because they are intersecting (parallel lines never intersect).

Two lines in intersecting planes are skew?

Two lines in two intersecting planes can be parallel, intersecting, or skew.

Can two intersecting lines be parallel?

no. parallel lines never touch.

Can 2 non intersecting lines be parallel in 2 D?

In 2D geometry, that is the definition of parallel lines. Two non-intersecting lines are indeed parallel.

Are two intersecting lines parallel?

No perpendicular

How are perpendicular lines similar to intersecting lineshow are they different?

The question is baffling. They're not different. Perpendicular lines must be intersecting lines.The only lines that are not intersecting lines are parallel lines. If two lines arenot parallel, then they must intersect, and they can be perpendicular or not.

When are two lines non intersecting?

parallel :D

Can you arrange lines in a plane so there both parallel and intersecting?

no. its impossible. Parallel mean lines that never touch. unless you have more than two lines. than you can make two parallel and or more intersecting them both.

Are two lines that do not intersect skew?

Two lines that are not parallel and do not intersect are skew. If the non-intersecting lines are in the same plane then they are parallel.

Can the same two lines be perpendicularparalleland intersecting?

No, because although perpendicular and intersecting lines do touch, parallel lines never meet.

Can two lines be both parallel and intersecting?

Not normally unless the parallel lines are intersected by a transversal line

When are two lines are not intersecting?

I think it is parallel lines and curves BY avanthika from U.A.E

If two lines are not coplanar then they are neither intersecting nor parallel?

CorrectParallel lines as well as intersecting lines must be coplanar (in Euclidean geometry not quite sure about hyperbolic geometry...).Lines in space which neither are coplanar nor intersecting are called "skew"

Can the same two lines be parallel perpendicular and intersecting at the same time?


Can two lines be parellel perpendicular and intersecting at the same time?

No. If the lines are parallel they will never meet or intersect at any point. If the lines are perpendicular they do intersect, but perpendicular lines are a special case of intersecting lines. Perpendicular lines are exactly 90 degrees from each other. Intersecting lines do not haveto be perpendicular... but perpendicular lines are always intersecting.

What is the space between two intersecting lines or surfaces called?


What problem would there be in your picture if the line were not parallel?

Parallel means lines that are avoiding each other (in other words, they don't touch.) So the problem would have to be the way the lines are going. If the lines were intersecting (or crossing) then that would be the problem.For example: You have a problem on a paper that asks you this same question:What problem would there be in your picture if the lines were not parallel?Answer: Then your lines would be an intersecting pair.Slight definition: If your lines are not parallel, then they would have to be intersecting. Intersecting is when two lines (line segments, angles, etc.) cross on each other. For example... they might make an X by forming together in this pattern. Parallel is when your lines are NOT touching. If they are, they would be considered our P/Intersecting. Standing for "Parallel and Intersecting lines."SRW!!

Can two lines be both non intersecting and non parallel?

no, if two lines are not parallel then the will eventually have to intersect.Alternate perspective:Yes, if two lines are non-parallel, they need not intersect in three dimensional space.

Does parallel mean side by side?

Yes, parallel means that two lines do not cross but lay side-by-side. Perpendicular is the opposite of parallel and means two lines intersecting.

Are the two intersecting lines parellel to the same line?

No, they can't be, if they intersect. This is because any two lines parallel to the same line are also parallel. And since they intersect, they aren't parallel.

What are two line line segments that are not parallel?

two line segments that are not parallel are intersecting even if they don't touch like this /l / l they are considered intersecting because you must extend it like they are lines to say they are parallel or not

Is it possible for two lines in three dimensional space neither be parallel or intersecting?


Is it possible to find two lines on a plane which are neither parallel nor intersecting?

No. Lines are infinite, so if they are not parallel, they have to intersect at some point on the plane.