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Yes - there are recorded cases of 11 year old girls and younger being pregnant and giving birth.

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Can a 14 year old boy get a 11 year old girl pregnant?

If The 11 Yr Old Has Started Her Periods And The 14yr old has got sperm cells then yes possibly but otherwise i wouldn't advise having sex at 11

Can an 11 yr old boy get a girl pregnant?

yes if the kid knows how :) It would be very unlikely because most 11-year-old boys have not begun Puberty and started producing sperm.

Can 12 year old be pregnant?

Yes, a 12 year old may be able to be pregnant.

How tall is a 11 yr old?

Average height for an 11 yr old is between 4ft 10in and about 5ft. I am a little above average.

Can 13 year old boys get pregnant?

Boys- of ANY age- do not GET pregnant. However, a 13 yr old boy can get a GIRL pregnant.

How much are you supposed to weigh if you are 11?

The average weight of 11 yr old boy is 77lbs The average weight of 11 yr old girl is 79.2 lbs

What is the legality for a 15 yr old boy getting a 13 yr old girl pregnant?

It depends where you live and the local legislation.

Can a 19 yr old boy get into trouble for getting a sixteen yr old girl pregnant in Ohio?

Yes, you can get in trouble for getting someone pregnant. It may not be criminal, but there are going to be reprocussions.

What kind of jobs can an 11 yr old get?

I am age 11 and i babysit .

Can a 9 yr old get pregnant?

If she has started her periods, then yes, it is possible

Is it legal for 18 yr old to cross state lines to be with 15 yr old pregnant girlfriend?

No, that would not be legal. The fact that she is pregnant does not matter, but could result in criminal charges for sexual crimes.

Can a 10 yr old get pregnant when on her period?

Any woman who has started their menstrual cycle can become pregnant.

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