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Marrying an American citizen does not give someone the right to stay in the country.

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Q: Can a 17 year old American citizen marry her boyfriend and he would be able to stay?
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If Filipino wants to marry fellow Filipino in America but both of them are not American Citizen would they become an American Citizen?


Would your UK past port be taken away if you marry a us boyfriend?

No because you are a UK citizen.

Can you marry an American citizen if you are still married to an Australian citizen?

No, that would be bigamy, and it's illegal (as in you can go to jail for it).

What should you do if a foreigner with a visa pays an American citizen to marry them to gain citizenship and the American refuses to do it?

I would report them to the authorities.

Can a retired American citizen marry a retired Canadian citizen and just travel back and forth?

Yes. With the proper documentation, there would be no restriction.

Would it be legal for an American alien to marry her Canadian boyfriend?

Yes it's legal in USA

Can a German marry an American in the states?

Yes, but the American citizen must first apply for a fiancé/fiancee visa on the German citizen's behalf. This would be the I-129F petition. It would have to be approved before you can marry. This is if you plan to remain in the USA afterwards. For more info check out

If a ghanaian citizen want to marry a us citizen would it be easier and quicker to marry in Ghana or us?


Would it be easier to become an American citizen if you're an illegal immigrant who is married to a U.S. citizen AND your child is a U.S. citizen as well?

I believe that you're guaranteed a citizenship when you marry a citizen, but being an illegal complicates the matter.

Can your alien boyfriend adopt your US citizen child if he lives in the US and has a Visa?

Your boyfriend can not adopt your child while he also remains yours. It does not matter if he is a US citizen, legal alien or illegal alien. For him to do that he would need to marry you. The license would cost $35.00 and you would each need a picture ID.

Can an us citizen marry a british citizen on vacation in the US?

yes If so then what steps would l being a us citizen need to follow after we marry in the us?

Does your child become a citizen when you marry an American?

That would depend on if the child is born in america. If not, then they would have to go through tests like every one else.

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